Good living | Three rooms, two rooms facing south, Fenghua Campus, Harbin New Area

In the case of a certain house price, want to lower the total price, smaller house area is to solve the current many just need to “budget” law.At present, there are many large two-bedroom apartments of more than 90 square meters on the market. Although the sparrow is small, it has all the five organs. It is also a good choice for transition or long-term living.Huizhi Global Golden Trade City is built with a floor area of 92-99㎡, which is different from the traditional two-bedroom apartment, but with three rooms facing south, and an independent restaurant with a window, which is equipped with a large apartment.The apartment has two rooms, two halls and one bathroom layout, with two bedrooms and the living room facing south and ample lighting.U-shaped kitchen design, adjacent to the dining room, dining space and living room space relatively independent, but connected with the living room, more spacious vision.The dining room is also equipped with a north-facing bright window, which forms a north-south transparent pattern with a south-facing living room and is well ventilated.In addition, the dining room is equipped with a bright window, which is relatively rare in a two-bedroom apartment.Entry porch is in about 1.1 meters wide receive a space, can place the article such as carry clothes, increased receive a space to certain extent.The two south-facing bedrooms have a similar area of about 13-15 square meters, so the space will not be too cramped.The design of the open window of the toilet can reach 3.5 meters in depth, and can accommodate an independent shower room. The fly in the ointment is that the other bedroom is adjacent to it far away, so it is slightly inconvenient.As a whole, this door model is not exactly founder, but layout of each functional space is relatively reasonable.Huizhi Global Golden Trade City is located at the intersection of Zhongyuan Avenue and Punan Avenue in Songbei New District (east of Decathlon), mainly promoting the construction area of about 87㎡, 89㎡ two-room house, rough delivery, starting price: 8,388 yuan /㎡.Support provident fund loans.A ladder of two design, all units are north-south oriented.Counterpart new district Fenghua Campus.New Year greetings, courtesy throughout the city, five grand gifts, welcome fortune.One gift: 99 percent off the total house price;Double gift: 1 yuan to 5000 yuan house value great benefit;Triple gift: one iPhone13;Quadruple gift: 10,000 yuan parking coupon;Five gifts: A New Year gift package worth 1,588 yuan.Article source: Leju house quality content recommendation
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