Hengshan County labor arbitration court started “during the Spring Festival” dispute case emergency mechanism

Massachusetts moment hengyang January 26 – (correspondent GuXiangPing reporter Song Meijun) year end has come, for the timely and properly handle labor disputes during the Spring Festival, hengshan labor personnel disputes arbitration court started firing severance, inductrial injury treatment dispute case emergency response mechanism, to maintain social harmony and stability “firing”, to the laborer “best gift”.Hengshan County labor and personnel dispute arbitration court in recent years to frequent labor dispute cases or non-standard employment of a small number of units, through the issuance of arbitration proposals or arrangements for people to contact the way, to guide enterprises to correct the problem in a timely manner, to assist enterprises to resolve the existing contradictions, to prevent the further expansion of the situation.At the same time, the hospital has opened a green channel for the recent controversial cases of redundancy compensation and sick treatment in a timely manner. According to the principle of “legal, fast and stable”, the hospital has implemented the case handling mode of “quick establishment, quick adjustment and quick settlement”.For migrant workers, both parties shall be actively guided to resolve disputes through pre-litigation mediation.In addition, the hospital has strengthened communication with the people’s court, county federation of trade unions, labor and security supervision brigade and other departments, exchanging information on investigation and handling cases, keeping communication tools unimpeded, and preventing controversial cases.According to statistics, since the beginning of this year, the hospital has daily received 197 people for legal consultation, into the enterprise to preach law 2;25 cases were put on file, and all were successfully mediated, with a mediation rate of 100%.At the same time, the guidance of an enterprise in the county, according to law, non-piecework staff shutdown treatment, involving more than 90 workers.

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