How can college students have a meaningful winter vacation?That’s their answer!

How do college students spend a meaningful winter vacation?Recently, volunteers from Chongqing University went into the community to care for and help elderly people who live alone. After learning that their children are not around for a long time, college students accompanied them to chat, help with cleaning and sing together.The volunteers also prepared fun math classes for children in the community to give them confidence in using math to solve life problems.Recently, chongqing University “green together” social practice group of more than 10 college students volunteers came to shapingba District fengmingshan community Zhang mother-in-law and Li mother-in-law home.”I’m so happy so many people came to see me…”As soon as Zhang saw the volunteers, she smiled happily and warmly welcomed them into the room.Because zhang lived alone, her home was a little lonely. She told the volunteers that she suffered from diabetes, hypertension, rheumatism and other chronic diseases, and that her life was not only lonely, but also difficult to move her legs and feet.Volunteers patiently communicate with them and listen to their stories.The old man talked about his family, life and other aspects, and took out the old photo album to tell his life track, neighborhood stories and so on.After that, the volunteers carefully sorted out the sundries and dusted the desks and chairs for the elderly.At the same time, I also paid attention to the old people’s interests and decided to sing together.Finally, the old people to popularize fire prevention, fraud prevention knowledge, to protect their life and property safety.”With the rapid development of society and economy, many young people choose to leave home and struggle, leaving the elderly to live alone at home.”Volunteers say the elderly cut back on social contact and hobbies because of illness.The purpose of this social practice activity is to call on more young people to bring warmth to the elderly.In addition, 12 members of the “Sprout” practice group of Chongqing University came to Xindu, Jinqiao, Fengming Mountain, Shapingba District to carry out the “fun Math class” for teenagers during winter vacation.The day started with a game called “Grab the bench”, which attracted the children’s interest.Later, the volunteers took poker as an example and introduced the children to poker, learning its relationship with year, month, day, season, etc., and arousing their association with small objects in life.Then, using the “interesting riddle” into the mathematical formula and mathematical term, mathematics is a subject not only to add to the fun, also make the students thinking more flexible, finally applied mathematics into real life, a shopping scene class for children mathematics word problems enhances mathematics the confidence to solve the problem of life, understand the cost, profit, etc. The relationship between variables.During the class, the children actively raise their hands to answer questions and interact with the volunteers to solve their doubts.”Mathematics is not only a subject, but also knowledge related to our daily life!”Volunteers who attended the classes said that the fun classes increased children’s interest in math and made them better develop the habit of thinking about math.Upstream news reporter Fu Disi

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