The cold air will affect the central, eastern and southern areas of tomorrow to meet a large range of precipitation

Today (March 28), rain is scarce in most parts of China, and the temperature is rising. However, a new round of large-scale rain will hit the south again from tomorrow, accompanied by strong convective weather locally, which requires precautions.At the same time, this week will be active cold air, two cold air will affect China, central and eastern most of the temperature fluctuations, the public should timely increase clothing, beware of cold.Today is expected to clear up the south more to air is basked in Ming will meet again big rain yesterday, most of the south of rainwater convergence, but there is still a convective activity in southern China, with strong local rainfall, among them, the southern zhejiang, fujian, jiangxi, in southern and eastern guangdong, southern hainan island in the east, Taiwan and other places in parts of north to the heavy rain,The southern coast of Guangdong, the southeast of Hainan Island, the north of Taiwan island local heavy rain.The Central Meteorological Station predicted that the rain in southern China will enter the final stage today, especially in many places south of the Yangtze River, such as Hunan, Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other places are expected to clear up briefly.Today, heavy rain will mainly focus on south China, with moderate to heavy rain in parts of southeast Fujian, eastern and southern coastal guangdong, northern Hainan Island and most of Taiwan Island, among which, some parts of central Taiwan island will have heavy rain.But from tomorrow, a new round of precipitation will hit again, until the end of this month, the eastern part of southwest China, south China, south China and other places will have a large range of rain.Tomorrow, there will be moderate to heavy rain in some parts of central and western Liaoning, south-central Jiangnan and north-central South China, while some parts of eastern Guangxi and western Guangdong will see heavy rain.The day after tomorrow, there will be moderate rain in the eastern part of southwest China, the central and eastern parts of The South of the Yangtze River, and some parts of northern Guangxi. Among them, there will be heavy rain in southern Jiangxi, southern Zhejiang, northern and southern Fujian, central and western Chongqing and northeastern Sichuan Basin.Starting tomorrow, a new round of large-scale precipitation will come online again, which will be accompanied by severe convection in South China. Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and other regions should be on alert for short-term heavy rain, thunderstorms and gales, and the local public should pay close attention to the warning and forecast information.Today, with the reduction of overcast rain, the temperature will rise in most parts of China, including Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Guizhou, Hunan and northern Guangxi, with the temperature increase of 8~12℃.Many parts of Northeast China may hit their highest temperatures so far this year, with highs reaching double digits.However, from March 29 to 30, and from March 31 to April 1, two cold fronts will affect China successively. The temperature in central and eastern China will drop from north to south, and many places will be on a “roller coaster”.In provincial capital cities like Harbin, the highest temperature could reach 11 degrees Celsius today, possibly the highest this year, but it will drop to 6 degrees Celsius tomorrow due to cold air.In the south, the cooling process will be later, and the warming will still be the dominant theme from today to today.With the arrival of cold air, temperatures in the eastern part of southwest China, South China and South China are expected to drop successively, with a cumulative drop of 6 to 12 degrees Celsius.After the cooling, temperatures in most areas will turn to significantly lower levels in early April than usual.In Changsha, for example, the highest temperature may rise to 23℃ tomorrow, but it will fall to 13℃ on April 1. The temperature is up and down, so the public should pay attention to the forecast and add clothes in time.(China Weather Network)

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