Tax Bureau of Jiujiang Economic and Economic Development Zone: Front-line tax officials show responsibility in fighting the epidemic

In the face of the epidemic, the Tax Bureau of Jiujiang Economic Development Area has been in the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, working tirelessly to overcome difficulties and build a solid wall of epidemic prevention and control, so that the party emblem and tax emblem shine brightly in the frontline of the fight against the epidemic.Be the vanguard of epidemic prevention.Rc asked for and move up and down, according to the district management committee work deployment, all the staff more than 160 points in three shifts to NongKeSuo, xinmin village, which in turn, put on the “red vests” on duty free point fortification, unattended, to the key personnel investigation and verification, strictly implement the “four check wear” job requirement, tried their best to control the epidemic spreading,It has effectively addressed the shortage of front-line prevention and control forces, and provided a stronger guarantee for strengthening the defense line of joint prevention and control and mass prevention and control.The “main battlefield” of epidemic prevention.With the implementation of nucleic acid testing in Jiujiang, the district bureau has responded positively. Up to now, a total of 100 person-times have been organized to assist each community in Binxing to carry out nucleic acid testing.Cadres and workers at the scene to put on “isolation clothing”, pull the police line, maintain the order of the testing team, to help do a good job of testing registration……Volunteers worked day and night to help carry out nucleic acid tests, laying a solid foundation for follow-up epidemic prevention.Guard the “safety gate” of epidemic prevention.While coordinating the epidemic prevention and control work of the whole society, the district office building has also taken stricter epidemic prevention measures.The logistics department of the District Bureau strictly implemented the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, did a good job of disinfection of the building, persisted in daily scanning code temperature measurement, strict travel registration of officials and employees, and implemented the separate meal system, thus protecting the safety of the district Bureau building.At the same time, the logistics staff carried out for the duty on duty and volunteer service cadres and workers to send meals and other actions, also let the cadres and workers feel warm, for cadres and workers in-depth epidemic prevention work to provide a strong backing.Cultivate the “responsible fields” for epidemic prevention.To minimize the impact of the epidemic on economic and social development, the district office has been promoting epidemic prevention and control work in parallel with tax revenue.One is to issue the proposal of “Non-contact Tax Handling” of Tax affairs in The Open Area, and continue to expand the electronic tax bureau, mobile phone client, intelligent tax handling terminal and other ways to handle tax-related matters, and realize tax-related matters online;The second is to actively implement jiangxi Provincial Tax Bureau and Jiujiang Municipal Tax Bureau on reducing costs and increasing efficiency to promote the development of market entities 20 measures to rescue taxpayers;Third, the “12366” hotline, wechat groups, live training and other forms of tax guidance were used to help implement policies and ensure that our responsibilities and work were never suspended.(HU Liyang)

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