Beautiful indeed: Changan C385 latest official picture, 515km, challenge BYD Qin PLUS?

At present, the monthly sales volume of BYD Qin PLUS has stabilized at more than 20,000 units, which is enough to see that compact new-energy models in the range of 100,000 to 170,000 have great market potential, while compact cars have been the main force of the gas market.As a result, other brands are beginning to “move” in this market segment.The car that drew the most attention is undoubtedly changan’s new C385, which was released in the third quarter of last year. The new car has an eye-catching design and technology configuration.As the launch time of the new car approaches, Changan recently released the latest official image of the C385.Judging from the new car’s official image, the C385 looks really beautiful.The front face of the new car adopts the design style of sports car, which is very smooth and dynamic.The headlamp is a split structure, the upper part is the day light and turn light, and the near and far light is located on both sides of the front bar.The turbulence in the underside area of the headlights is prominent.The body side shape is also very smooth and dynamic, the overall shape proportion is well proportioned, and the body lines with rich layers create a good light and shadow effect.The Windows are frameless, the door handles pop up, and the petal-shaped low wind resistance hub is cool.Tail shape has a sense of design, taillight is used through the style, but also combined with the shape of the rear tail cover, in the middle of the trunk cover also has a decorative shape of a bump, and the lower part of the rear bar spoiler kit design echoes, very racing sense of both.The taillights also look cool when lit.The new car will be available in both electric and extender hybrid versions, with the electric version featuring a 258-horsepower single motor, a maximum torque of 320 nm and a 515km range.The positioning of the new car is expected to refer to BYD Qin PLUS after the launch, and the price range may be around 110-170,000 yuan.

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