First day of work in spring!Qiannan procuratorial police full of vitality

Source | qiannan people’s procuratorate at the start of the New Year, vientiane update the first working day after the lunar New Year holiday qiannan procuratorate policemen are passionate rapidly from “vacation mode” to “work mode” with full spirit and full of energy to work, please follow the lens to see the New Year in each class The first day of the procuratorial policemen are in busy what!01 campaign is the year of the tiger on my first day after the Spring Festival, qiannan procuratorate deputy secretary, deputy chief procurators Liu Naxiang lead each department policemen of more than 140 people in the new school tree planting activities, people wield spade shovel and pail water, a concerted effort to plant more than 60 strains of green, guided by the practical action and partial policemen set love green plant green protect green consciousness.Greet the year of the tiger 12345602 leadership on my first day after the Spring Festival, the people’s procuratorate qiannan team members to each department at home visit after return to the policemen are in jobs, know you work, encourage everyone in the New Year coagulation hearts meet force, should play a good legal supervision function, pushing the procuratorial work to a new level, and innovation.On the first day of work after the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger, all the police officers of qiannan Prefecture People’s Procuratorate entered the work state with full spirit.Jin Haiyan, secretary of the Party Group and acting Procurator-General, presided over the research and deployment work of the Party Group meeting.Comprehensive department police, seriously summed up last year’s work, in order to complete this year’s work tasks, to do a good job of security services.On the first working day of the Spring Festival, we have already gone all out.Make a promising qiannan procurator!

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