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1. Gubei Road (Beijing Shengshi Chuangfu Longhubang monitoring system observation: a total of 4 business departments) Shengshi Chuangfu data monitoring: Liancheng Precision net purchase 29.49 million yuan, Taihe Health net purchase 14.3 million yuan, Yingpai net purchase 5.23 million yuan.Superposition rural revitalization of lian cheng precision, auto parts, leave too much drop-off upper high today, is affected by the collapse of macro sichuan wisdom, Fried collapse all the way after plate, floor plate day, playing board days lost 20% and this ticket only there were signs of the operation of the banker so high open too much and it is easy to be broken, from the prosperous time buster billboard monitoring system on many well-known hot money in the relay,Buy one is Shanghai branch, this situation is familiar, next week is likely to be pushed the nuclear button, after such a draft, this ticket can not pay attention to.(lian cheng precision time-sharing chart) today’s health, the medical sector stocks, driven in medicine MingKang Della yesterday rose harden, out of the 4 days 3 board, today the money trying to relay outside, from disk on a wave of popularity in early trading, is the strongest, basically is a late emotions at the time of crash stabilize, though both wave pulse market follow suit is very weak,This stock plate is not small, so want to relay the popularity of the plate is very important, today yao Ming Kant performance is not very strong, medicine plate is also half, high fall policy, and if the day trading will be special stop, this is a point of capital fear.Next week is likely to start low concussion, but this stock is already open, or will continue to be selected as the target of yao Ming.2, Zhao Laoge (Beijing Shengshi Chuangfu Dragon tiger list monitoring system observation: a total of 6 business departments) Shengshi Chuangfu data monitoring: Yu Huan CNC net buy 8.46 million.Millet concept, high low walk harden smashed open yesterday, today’s high open FanBao harden, affected by the market sentiment Fried plate by noon, today many Fried plate, afternoon back to seal shut harden, changing hands close to 50% today, chip exchange more fully, later also led to the royal family send back closure, from some billboard monitoring system, several well-known hot money in the relay,Even if the tail plate diving board is still not volume, there is a monster potential.3, hand new one (Beijing Shengshi Chuangfu Longhubang monitoring system observation: a total of 1 business department) Shengshi Chuangfu data monitoring: Xinchen Technology net buy 7.47 million.Filling superposition block chain, yesterday at the end of the reverse trading was hit at the end of the day, today after a small low open stronger shock, the whole day is very steady, even if the index after multiple diving stock price can still remain above the time-sharing average price line shock, afternoon 14:11 monitoring system to monitor the ignition of capital surge impact limit, two waves of pulse sealing plate, become a key point in the afternoon rebound, next week a probability to enjoy a premium opening, but can continue to strengthen the need to see the mood changes on the plate.Disclaimer: The information herein does not constitute any investment advice and investors should not substitute such information for their independent judgment or make decisions based solely on such information.The author makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information in this article, but does not guarantee its accuracy, completeness and timeliness, nor accepts any responsibility for any loss arising from the use of the information in this article.

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