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Groups of waterbirds, or flit across the water, or perched on the shore trees.Such images can be seen everywhere in reservoirs and rivers in Pingqiao district, Xinyang City, Henan Province, under the warm winter sun.”Egrets are ‘environmental birds’. They only come when the water is clear and the shore is clean.”Villagers who live near The Reservoir pointed to a group of birds in the distance, happily told reporters.In recent years, the Pingqiao District Procuratorate has focused on managing the “rivers and lakes”, implemented the working mechanism of “chief of rivers and lakes + Chief procurator”, carried out the special action of “cleaning up the four chaos”, systematically promoted the management and ecological restoration of rivers and lakes, and written a landscape picture of rivers and lakes.Since 2020, The Pingqiao District Procuratorate has been working on the water pollution of small and medium-sized reservoirs and rivers under its jurisdiction with the working mode of “chief of rivers and lakes + Chief procurator”.The focus of supervision and rectification of illegal activities endangering the safety of water sources and damaging the shoreline ecosystems of rivers and lakes has been significantly improved.”The reservoir environment used to be good and the fish in the reservoir tasted delicious. Now the water quality is worse and the fish are not as delicious as before.”In April 2021, Liang Gaofeng, chief procurator of Pingqiao District Procuratorate, was patrolling rivers and lakes when he heard the reaction of villagers around the reservoir.”What caused the re-contamination?”Liang Gaofeng asked the hospital to carry out the practice of “I do practical things for the masses”, set up a team to handle the case, specifically responsible for the region’s small and medium-sized reservoirs, rivers, water quality of a comprehensive investigation.Through the investigation, prosecutors found that most of the reservoirs, the water quality of the river presented a lake yan Heqing scene, only a few small reservoirs of turbid water, smelly.How polluted is the water?The hospital immediately commissioned a professional testing company to test the water quality of small and medium-sized reservoirs in the whole area, and finally found that some reservoirs were “inferior five” water quality. Some reservoirs exceeded the standard of total phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen, some reservoirs exceeded the standard of chemical oxygen demand, and very few reservoirs exceeded a number of indicators.Combined with the test results, prosecutors conducted further investigation and analysis, and concluded that the water pollution sources of the reservoir mainly came from domestic sewage and feed or nitrogen, phosphate fertilizer and organic fertilizer put by farmers.On June 1, the hospital formed a written investigation report and submitted it to the district Party Committee and the district government for coordination.”Clear waters and green mountains are our best background. We will never allow individuals to harm the interests of the people of the district by illegal acts, inaction or disorderly acts. We will immediately rectify the situation.”Report caused PingQiao district party committee, the district government attaches great importance to, district party committee standing committee (expand) meeting listen to the report, related research corrective to carry out the measures, decided by designing packages to leading cadres, district water conservancy department led by supervision of villages and towns and related functional departments in a timely manner the rectification, and the district commission for discipline inspection committee to interview, head of the relevant units to remind.At the beginning of October 2021, after centralized rectification, the responsible units interviewed responded to the Pingqiao District government with a report on centralized rectification. The report said that the rivers and lakes under their respective jurisdiction had been specially treated, and the water quality had been significantly improved.”What is the effect of regulation?Has the ‘poor five’ water quality been improved?We also carried out a comprehensive return visit on the water quality improvement of these reservoirs.”The hospital inspection committee full-time member Liu Ziping said, through the return visit found that some reservoirs still exist water quality transparency is not high or contractors secretly put fertilizer and other situations, the phenomenon of reservoir water pollution has not been thoroughly improved.In view of the problems found during the review process, on October 27, 2021, the hospital decided to carry out protection special action of lakes, the prosecutor has served on relevant township, town, office before litigation prosecutorial advice, ask its to overhaul of polluted reservoir within their respective jurisdictions, put an end to sewage straight row of put in storage, put an end to the aquatic breeding farmers too much on the bait to the reservoir,To improve the polluted water quality, restore the local water ecological environment, and strengthen the management and protection of the water environment of the reservoirs under the jurisdiction, so as to guarantee the water quality of the reservoirs under the jurisdiction and the edible safety of aquatic products according to law.After the inspection proposal was issued, the relevant township, town and office combined with their own problems, targeted rectification, has been around the reservoir of aquaculture farms and reservoir fish breeding survey and turn, focus on the reservoir inflow area of domestic sewage discharge treatment, interviewed the reservoir contractor.The relevant department and the reservoir contractor signed a supplementary contract, clearly prohibited fertilization, application of drugs, feeding beyond the standard, regular water quality restoration work and other provisions.”In the rectification process, some towns through the village loudspeaker, mobile propaganda vehicles, brochures, set up warning signs and other ways and means to strengthen the prevention and control of water pollution publicity;Some towns and villages organize professional reservoir patrol team to increase the reservoir water quality monitoring and inspection and daily management and protection efforts, irregularly invite multiple departments to carry out joint law enforcement, severely punish illegal discharge of sewage and fish farming in fatty water and other illegal behaviors.”Said liu Chuanguo, director of the fourth procuratorial Department of the hospital.”After testing, the water quality of the reservoirs has reached category five or above.”Hear the water quality testing company sampling detection personnel’s reply, the prosecutor is really relieved.In early November 2021, villager Gao Lihong gained a “special status” : inspector of the Yuetang Reservoir near her village.”You are so conscientious,” villagers tell Gao, as he rides his scooter around the Yuetang reservoir every day.”What I’m protecting now is our big water tank, so watch carefully.”Gao lihong is serious about his new role. His daily inspection task is to see if villagers are fishing around the reservoir or farmers are throwing fertilizer.”Now that the immediate problem is solved, what about the future?Procuratorial supervision should not ‘cure the head for headache and the foot for pain’.”Liu ziping said.To drive improvement efforts to consolidate deepen, the hospital successively in Donald Duck river reservoir, moon pool reservoir exploration pil innovation practice base construction, hire a part-time accesses propagandist, local villagers, coordinator, etc, the villagers to provide timely feedback clues to the procuratorial organs, set up the bridge of communication between villagers and procuratorial organs, public interest litigation supervision and tentacles.At the same time, with the strong support of the District Party Committee and the district government, the institute, together with the Water Conservancy Bureau of Pingqiao District and other departments, jointly formulated the Water Quality Safety Management Mechanism for Small and Medium-sized Reservoirs, stipulating the relevant cooperation contents in detail from the five sections of objectives and tasks, working principles, working measures, working mechanism and implementation steps.To jointly establish a long-term mechanism for the comprehensive management of the ecological environment of small and medium-sized reservoirs and rivers in Pingqiao District, and jointly promote the protection of the river and lake system and the consolidation and improvement of the overall water ecological environment in pingqiao District.”Let each river clear to the bottom, each lake picturesque.Liang gaofeng said.In the next step, the institute will continue to give full play to its public interest litigation prosecutorial function to ensure that the rivers and lakes under its jurisdiction are clear and flowing.(Source: Procuratorial Daily by Liu Lixin, Hu Chuanren, Li Qian, Yan Weimin)

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