“Tai, easy hundred companies doing business” (2) | taizhou jingjiang: sharp in day and night fighting, input “fight disease progress”

Editor’s note: At present, Taizhou is making every effort to build the business service brand of “Taichuban”, and to promote high-quality development with the first-class business environment of “the simplest approval, the lowest cost, the best factors, the most fair law enforcement, the best service and the happiest life”., xinhua daily, taizhou bureau jointly taizhou development and reform commission and other departments, blockbuster launch “ty, easy hundred companies doing business” series, invite the city’s entrepreneurs, tells the story of doing business in the first Angle, depth excavation around the various departments at the same time to optimize the business environment of innovation, reveals the taizhou continue to polish the “right” business environment brand vivid practice.Since March 24, Jingjiang city has been working hard day and night to do a good job in key work such as production rescue, material support and epidemic prevention and control.”We outsiders are not familiar with life in Jingjiang, and all departments provide door-to-door service and guidance, so that we know what to do next and how to do.”April 1 morning, investment 12 billion yuan castle peak stainless steel deep processing production base project construction unit Deputy general manager Mai Xinrong told reporters.For several days, the principals of some non-local project units, design units and construction units in the base could not arrive at the project site in time, so Jingjiang Development and Reform Commission, Housing and Construction Bureau and Natural Planning Bureau organized and held the online assistant service meeting of Qingshan Project in the form of communication frequency meeting.Jingjiang city focuses on epidemic prevention and control and gives full play to the function of coordinating economic operation.Establish a service team for major projects, and coordinate with relevant departments to solve the difficulties in resuming work for newly signed major projects that have not yet started.At present, 59 major projects of more than 500 million yuan have been started, and 13 of them have been assisted in solving the problems of blocking points in project operation during epidemic prevention. At present, the normal construction rate of major projects started in Jingjiang is 100%.When a good “escort”, to ensure the development of enterprises, the town of The red flag village zhengyu family farm of more than 2,000 pounds of asparagus backlog in the greenhouse, which can be urgent bad farm director Ye Juan.On March 28, jingjiang Development and Reform Commission contacted Ye Juan after communicating with xiqiao town staff to understand the situation, and released information on asparagus sales in the working group of the agency.Soon, the wechat group became lively, and the staff in the group responded quickly, scrambling to subscribe, and mobilized their friends to find buyers, and in a few hours, hundreds of jin were subscribed.With everyone’s help, Ye Juan heart a big stone finally fell to the ground.”The epidemic is terrible, but the government’s help warms our hearts and gives us more confidence in our work.”April 2, Ye Juan said happily to reporters.Enterprise development is the cornerstone of steady economic growth.During the epidemic prevention and control period, Jingjiang deepened the action of “three services and one optimization”, actively coordinated, coordinated and dispatched, targeted at the headquarters enterprises supporting economic growth, and conducted investigations and studies on the difficulties of headquarters enterprises during the epidemic through the formulation of exclusive questionnaires.We will actively study support measures to help enterprises cope with the epidemic, and accelerate the introduction of policies to help enterprises stabilize.Up to now, 506 enterprises have been visited, 154 problems have been collected and 145 problems have been solved.The long-term “123” contact service mechanism was implemented for enterprises, and a total of 4,082 enterprises were visited, 697 feedback questions were collected, 547 enterprise needs were effectively solved, and 149 appeals were answered on time.At the first moment when the Municipal Party Committee of Jingjiang issued the order for government personnel to participate in epidemic prevention and control off duty, party members and cadres of all departments and organs quickly sank down to participate in volunteer service in the enterprise community, standing side by side with the enterprise resident staff and community workers to fight against the epidemic.Stand by the door in the morning, go to the door in the moonlight, stand by the front line of epidemic prevention in the cold wind, and assist in nucleic acid testing under the hot sun…In order to strengthen the safety wall of epidemic prevention and control, Party members and volunteers in Jingjiang rushed to the front, delivering materials to the back pain, door to door to leg and foot pain, telephone inquiries to hoarse voice, coordination and contradiction to dry mouth…For a week, they stuck to the front line of fighting the epidemic without complaining. One group completed the personnel information check of 12 stores in only half a day.In huada automobile technology, the government appointed enterprise service commissioner, in the propaganda education, epidemic prevention materials reserves, worker health monitoring, personnel, and aggregation activity management, vaccination, imported goods management, risk control of the February, key regional place xiaosha epidemic prevention work to carry out the special guidance, to help enterprises solve the problem of pain points.Xinhua Daily. Interchange point reporter Zhao Xiaoyong correspondent Yang Haojun Chen Zhihui Liu Feng

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