Thumbs up, Foreign Ministry spokesperson!This “Jiangyin nationality” robot is great!

A variety of robots have become popular in Beijing’s Winter Olympics village. They can cook, make drinks and run errands.Zhao Lijian, spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has posted a message on his Micro blog:”China’s first settled in Tibetan plateau explosion-proof refueling outdoor robot” about the refueling robot to “name recognition” but let’s “made in jiangyin” oh ~ go outdoor explosion-proof robot resume robot name plateau go robot native jiangsu jiangyin working place parents Tibet Lhasa airport high-speed gas station oil in jiangyin rich benevolence hi-tech co., LTD. Sales company honor has been in TibetAfter obtaining the national explosion-proof certification, the localization rate of the special strength core parts of the first outdoor explosion-proof refueling robot on the plateau in China is more than 90%, which is suitable for extreme environments with low temperature, high altitude and strong ultraviolet rays.The overall design includes mechanical arm, joint, camera, all meet the explosion-proof requirements.As long as the owner of the mobile phone APP order advance payment can complete refueling, the whole process without contact.The owner of the car orders and pays in advance through the mobile APP to start the robot.02 robot finds the oil tank cover by 2D camera auxiliary positioning and 3D camera precise positioning, and opens the oil tank cover with suction device, and unscrews the oil tank cover and sealing cover with clamping claw.03 The refueling arm of the robot is inserted into the refueling hose for refueling;04 Robot screw on the seal cover and oil tank cover, complete refueling.This refueling robot can work 24 hours a day and greatly reduce the number of gas station employees and the intensity of their work is really very convenient!

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