Zero new cases were reported for the first time in Anyang, Henan province, and an asymptomatic case was found in Mianchi County

Zhengzhou, January 28 (China Youth Daily, Intern Zhang Hui) According to a press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control held this afternoon in Henan Province, there are no new confirmed cases in The province from 0:00 to 24:00 on January 27, and 17 locally confirmed cases have been cured and discharged from hospital.On the morning of January 28, mianchi County, Sanmenxia City, discovered an asymptomatic infected person, who was associated with the case outside Henan Province.According to Zhang Ruoshi, deputy head of the Comprehensive group of the Office of Henan Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters and deputy director of the Provincial Health Commission, a total of 988 local confirmed cases were reported in Henan province from December 31, 2021 to 24 PM On January 27, 2022.Among them, 139 cases were reported in Zhengzhou, 10 in Luoyang, 466 in Anyang, 365 in Xuchang, 2 in Shangqiu, 3 in Xinyang and 3 in Zhoukou. 203 cases have been cured and discharged from hospital.As of 24 o ‘clock on January 27, Zhengzhou and Xuchang yuzhou have not reported new cases for eight consecutive days, and the epidemic has been basically under control.Zero new cases were reported in Anyang city for the first time. The previous seven consecutive days of new cases were all found in centralized or home isolation centers, and the epidemic has been initially contained.Source: China Youth Daily client

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