Brightness “nite”, a screen selection factor can not be ignored

Screen as an important output medium, its configuration is an important reference when we choose a suitable computer.In addition to basic parameters like refresh rate, resolution, contrast, and so on, there is also Nit brightness, which is a common and important parameter in screen configuration.What does it mean and what does it do?Now let’s find out.What is Nit?Just to be clear, Nit is a unit of brightness, 1nit=1 candela per square meter (CD /m²).The ratio of the light intensity in this direction to the area of the light source “seen” by the human eye is defined as the unit brightness of the light source, that is, the luminous intensity on the unit projection area.Nite is usually used to express the brightness of the display device. The higher the value is, the higher the brightness of the display device is. The screen experience is also closely related to the brightness parameter.For example, in the daytime, when the ambient sunlight is good, the office workers use computers to work, almost no lighting.At this time, if the screen brightness is not bright enough, after the light mapping, it is difficult to see the content displayed on the screen.So a brighter screen helps counter the reflection caused by incoming light from the window.Next, when working in the night, without sufficient light source, the screen with insufficient brightness can affect binocular comfort more.Working with a dark screen for long periods of time can not only increase fatigue, but also hinder productivity with poor vision.So, the brightness of the screen should be a reference factor that cannot be ignored when choosing a computer.This computer with a soft moderate brightness and natural and realistic color screen is very important for those who need to be with the screen every day.Lingyue 14 Pro has turned what is in the mind of the workplace into reality. It is equipped with a 14-inch FHD full screen with four narrow bezels, accounting for up to 85% of the screen. The narrower bezels show more details, and you can see PPT and Word documents in full view, comprehensively improving office efficiency.With 100%sRGB high color gamut, 300Nits brightness, true restore picture and video color, efficiently adapt to the working environment light, bring comfortable use experience.In addition, Lingyue-14 Pro is also equipped with hardware-level anti-blue light technology, Color Filter optical Filter, anti-glare and triple eye protection technology, which can effectively remove harmful blue light at 415-455nm. At the same time, the screen Color is not yellowish, which can reduce visual fatigue even when used in strong light.To provide a full range of close eye care for the workplace at the frontline.The best working partner of the workplace, in addition to the quality of the screen, of course, but also have strong performance strength, in order to fight with them all the time!Inspiron 14 Pro is necessarily the most understand people in the workplace good partner, and the high optional carry 11 generation i7 processor + MX450 discrete graphics, with dual channel 16 g memory, 512 gb SSD, high-speed file any calls, side to open the browser check data, and video meeting can run smoothly BuKa, efficient assistant power, not just talk.In the office, when synchronizing information with colleagues, sending and receiving documents, and presenting a case on a screen, if the network transmission speed is slow, it will affect efficiency. Therefore, it is very important to have a smooth transmission assistant.Lingyue 14 Pro support WiFi 6, wireless transmission 3 times faster, HD video online playback, 4K ultra hd image sharing are faster, in the same space, multiple computers receive and transmit information at the same time do not affect each other, working speed to improve!Efficiency and appearance, it’s all!Quality professionals not only have high requirements for personal work ability, but also have high requirements for details of things around them.Also pay attention to details of the Ling Yue 14 Pro, very understand!With peach rose, galaxy star, double color optional, exquisite appearance design, to meet the daily update of the workplace collocation.Full-size keyboard design, 1.3mm key path, high quality, feel light, quick rebound, improve typing efficiency, code word super comfortable.As The Times change, the workplace is breaking through the “limitation”, such as roadside snack bar, bus home, subway…You can see them waving their fingers over the keyboard.Therefore, lingyue 14 Pro light to 1.46kg, thin to 17.02mm body is defined for convenient travel, lightweight entourage, conveniently put in the pocket, you can go!In addition, it is equipped with 54Whr large capacity battery to support fast charging, up to 13 hours of local video playback, even when out of office without fear of battery trouble.Rich interface, productivity UP!The details don’t stop there.Ling Yue 14 Pro is also equipped with rich interface for the workplace, 1 14-inch Micro SD card reader, 2 USB interfaces, 1 3.5mm audio interface, 1 HDMI interface, 1 Type-C/ Thunder 4 interface, and 1 power interface, data transmission faster and safer, can be connected to 4K display or graphics card dock,There is no pressure for large meetings or for multiple people to share content.And, a group of high-quality accessories, to help employees build a more efficient desktop ecosystem: S3221QS monitor, USB-C mobile adapter DA310, mobile wireless mouse MS3320W, and more high-quality good partners, click the end of the article small program, enter the official Dell mall immediately under your control!More professional 2 years of original factory repair service, 1600+ authorized service outlets, remote diagnosis after the nearest repair.Professional team to help you solve problems faster and more easily, computer use more secure.* Specific model and product parameters, according to the product purchase page as the best partner of workplace people Lingyue 14 Pro

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