Changyi: clean and clean to welcome the Spring Festival

Qilu network · Lightning news January 29 – The Spring Festival is approaching, changyi city environmental health center unified deployment, organization to carry out a comprehensive environmental health improvement before the Spring Festival.In a clampdown, increase the intensity of urban primary and secondary trunk road cleaning, sanitation department of garbage, trash cans and other public facilities to conduct a comprehensive flushing, strengthen city crowded places cleaning, garbage pickup in time life, fine clean-up of urban and rural health dead Angle, to long-term management of urban and rural public toilets, let citizens clean spring masses, clean and comfortable holidays.Changyi city said Xue Wenlei, director of the center for environmental health, during the Spring Festival, they will continue to stick to jobs, solidly carry out the urban and rural living garbage management, we will do our best to help the sanitation cleaning, trash pickup, facilities management services such as security work, with strong initiative and hard work for the general public to build a clean, comfortable and beautiful environment of the holiday season.Lightning news reporter in Gang Changyi rong media Liu Zhiqiang Zhao Zhenfeng weifang report

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