From “take land” to certification only 26 days Beijing Shunyi planning approval run out of acceleration

From “take land” to certification only 26 days Beijing Shunyi planning approval ran out of acceleration to take the second day was invited to participate in the project scheme joint review meeting, but also arranged a young man in the prime of life when the “housekeeper”……Out of the shunyi rules from the branch of the door of the moment, the stone in the heart of the enterprise manager Qian Cheng steady landing.On February 16, a residential land in the 13th Block of Shunyi New Town in Beijing was successfully traded after being listed and won by Poly and Gemdale Consortium.This is also one of the first batch of centralized supply of land in Beijing 2022.Just 26 days later, the developer received a planning permit to build the project.Under the epidemic, the real estate market is under further pressure, and every drop of the hammer is the recognition of the development potential of the city and land.Under the premise of complying with laws and regulations, how to help enterprises start construction as soon as possible and enhance their confidence in future development?The planning examination and approval department took the lead.In the joint review meeting held in the afternoon of February 17, the main leaders of Shunyi Branch took the seat, convened the implementation, approval, municipal and other related departments, docking with enterprises one by one on the specific details, and introduced in detail the “multiple rules in one” platform of parallel approval of various departments.After the meeting, Qian Cheng described his feeling at that time as “practical” : “One was that he recognized our overall plan, which reassured him;The other is that the examination and approval process is centralized through the platform, so there is no need to find each department to go through the formalities, which saves time and effort.”Although he has been working for many years, qian cheng still feels headache when it comes to “running formalities”.The supporting facilities of the residential community have to be handed over to different departments, which means going back and forth. It is not surprising that it will take two, three months or even half a year to get the approval.After the launch of the platform, the problem that has plagued enterprises for many years has been solved.Under the leadership of the regulation department, more than 10 departments such as landscape architecture and urban Management Committee followed up at the same time, giving feedback on the review opinions in real time and discussing solutions with enterprises.It can be seen that in this relatively small project, sports activity stations and recycling stations of renewable resources have been squeezed out for residents. Meanwhile, due to the relatively complete peripheral suppliers, the approval department did not require additional supporting facilities in the community to reduce the burden of enterprises.In the end, it only took 23 days to complete the consultation on “integrating multiple regulations into one”, which is nearly 50% shorter than the previous approval period.”More rules and humanity” during the consultation, after the planning scheme is basically stable, gauge from the examination and approval department for comprehensive step forward again, again change “series” for the “parallel”, in the “rules” platform to consult the opinions of each department at the same time, the synchronized planning index check, drawing review, follow links push ahead of schedule, ensure the interlocking, realize seamless link of approval process.”The construction project planning license, as an administrative license for an important node in the early stage of a construction project, has serious legal effect, which means that every indicator and every data on the drawings need to be checked and confirmed repeatedly to ensure that nothing is wrong.”Introduction of approval personnel.During the plan in consultation with the construction units, design units and planning approval people sit together, on a laptop “defend” the examination and approval in the electronic drawing personnel every detail direct docking, big to every building prefabricated construction requirements, specific family accounted for, small to every door and window size, the width of the road in the district, the turning radius are marked clearly.Does such a requirement make companies feel picky?The answer is no.”On the contrary, we are very grateful to them for digging out so many details. It is a ‘mine clearance’ for the project, which will greatly help the subsequent construction.”Qian Cheng said that with the high quality of approval, it only took 2 working days from applying for the license to getting the certificate, reducing more than 70% of the time, “which would have been unimaginable before”.The pace of approval and housekeeping services allow companies to feel the changes in Beijing’s business environment.”Our housekeeper Xiao Chen is definitely not a name, in advance of the site survey, docking water and electricity, he as a ‘middleman’ a lot of convenience.”Qian Cheng said with a smile, at the beginning of the other side of a “when one of us with” the original is not polite.Now, in Shunyi New Town Mapo group, a number of residential projects are developed, and the supporting facilities are increasingly perfect.”We will speed up development so that people can move in as soon as possible.”Mr. Qian said construction permits and pre-sale permits are being processed, and the project is expected to be completed and moved in in about two and a half years.High-quality and efficient planning approval can help enterprises to quickly collect payment and improve the efficiency of capital utilization, which is an effective boost to market confidence and an important boost to the “good start” of the city’s land transaction market in the first quarter.Behind the 26-day efficient approval process is the sincerity of all departments to work overtime to serve enterprises, and also demonstrates Beijing’s firm determination to continuously improve the business environment.(Chen Xue-ning)

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