Inner Mongolia elderly seek medical treatment in Zhuhai to regain “new life”

At the beginning of the New Year, everything in Zhuhai is still cold in early spring, but for Liu Shu from Inner Mongolia, spring is warm, because he received the best “New Year gift”, in zhuhai full of “great love”.Liu, 64, who looks older than his peers, was diagnosed with “liver cancer and hepatitis B cirrhosis” a year ago. After undergoing multiple surgeries and systematic treatment, his condition is still deteriorating, and he has developed portal vein thrombosis, portal hypertension and varicose veins in the esophagus and stomach.Not only did he face the risk of massive gastrointestinal bleeding at any time, but he also faced the risk of his life as the cancer continued to progress.Liver transplantation was the best option to save Liu Shu’s life.Fortunately, on February 8, he received a phone call from Li Jian, director of liver transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery department of the Fifth Hospital of CuHK, and received the best “New Year gift” — an organ donor with “great love” successfully matched him and found a suitable liver source.On February 9th, Liu Shu arrived in Zhuhai from Inner Mongolia for 6 hours. Li Jian arranged a detailed and comprehensive examination for him and confirmed that the patient’s physical condition met the requirements of liver transplantation.At 8 p.m. on February 10, the donor’s physical condition changed, and the next day’s operation had to be advanced. By this time, Lee had already performed four operations since 8 a.m. and had been busy for nine hours.When he heard that an operation was needed in advance, he immediately organized relevant medical staff to obtain organs in advance. Multiple departments including the department of liver transplantation, the Department of Surgical Anesthesia, the Department of Critical Care Medicine, and the Department of Blood Transfusion cooperated to prepare for the operation, establish intravenous channels, anesthesia, disinfection, and towel spreading…, all medical staff in place, the work is tense and orderly.At 11 p.m., the surgery began, cutting through the skin and entering the abdominal cavity…Director Li Jian found that the patient due to portal vein hypertension in the abdominal cavity should be small veins have become tortuously clumped, liver texture hardening obvious, abdominal fibrosis serious, difficult to separate;Portal vein thrombus exists, thrombectomy is not easy, but these difficulties are expected, careful separation, exact ligation to stop bleeding…Every surgical step is progressing smoothly.At 2:30 am on February 11, the operation was successfully completed.There was no red blood cell infusion during the whole operation, and the “liver free phase” lasted only 51 minutes, which laid a good foundation for ensuring the normal operation of the transplanted liver.Liu Shu was transferred to the general ward on the second day after surgery, and could get out of bed and move properly on the fourth day after surgery.Dr. Lee said, I was tired after 13 hours of surgery, but it was worth all the hard work when I saw that the liver was working normally and the indexes were good.It is understood that liver cancer is the fourth most common malignant tumor and 2 deaths of tumor etiology, a serious threat to people’s lives and health, the liver cancer patients with hepatitis b viral hepatitis, and have a background hepatitis b cirrhosis of the liver, liver transplantation is one of the sex liver cancer radical treatment, especially suitable for liver decompensation, inappropriate surgery and ablation therapy of small liver cancer patients.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Huang Tiean

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