Second response of semaphore?Automatic opening of “green channel” Haiyan police escort rescue vehicles “E route”

Every moment of the rescue is particularly important for the rescue object.Although rescue vehicles have the legal right of way when performing their tasks, they are inevitably affected by social vehicles, making it difficult to pass quickly, especially during morning and evening rush hours.In order to solve this problem, haiyan county public security bureau in the city’s first “E road convoy” system, establish the traffic police, fire linkage mechanism, when in an emergency, traffic police mobile terminal real-time transmission rescue vehicles position, realize the terminal control signals magnitude response, ensure that the rescue vehicle through intersections when the lights are green, automatically open a “green channel”.”Hello, Haiyan 119, what can I do for you?”At 18 o ‘clock on February 6, haiyan county fire rescue brigade received alarm, fire vehicles out in an emergency.Almost at the same time, haiyan County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade command center after receiving the police synchronous start “E route escort”.When the fire rescue vehicle is about to enter the intersection, the automatic control signal light of the mobile terminal switches to green, and the rescue vehicle rushes past.”The mobile terminal control range is about 1 km, when the rescue vehicle arrives at the intersection, the signal light automatically turns green to ensure the rapid passage of vehicles, which not only improves the passage efficiency, but also reduces the danger coefficient of the rescue vehicle through the intersection.According to the rescue classification, the ‘E-Route Escort’ system is currently used in 119 important rescues.”Traffic police brigade instructor Jiang Longfei introduced.According to statistics, after the opening of “E-Route Escort”, the average time of the whole road can be reduced by 45%, and the average time of the urban road in rush hours can be reduced even more.In the next step, Haiyan Public Security traffic police will improve the linkage mechanism, further promote the construction of “E-route Escort” system, and expand the scope of application to special vehicles such as 120 first aid and engineering rescue, so as to ensure that rescue forces arrive at the scene as soon as possible.

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