1 day subsidy 1000 yuan!The amount of subsidy of National football team is a bit too much, fan: one dares to pay, the other dares to take

Returned to the home, after the team’s loss to the Vietnam team is currently in suzhou closed training, the team’s next two World Cup games, this is the best Li Xiaopeng and the team’s save face opportunity, and women’s also become the focus of media attention after winning the Asian cup championship, also take men to hot spots again, after the exposure of men eat sea cucumber ads,Their pay has also become a topic of concern, has been hot!At 8 am, well-known Chinese media published an article in a live broadcast bar. Titan Sports reporter Wang Xiaorui explained the situation of salary arrears and salary limits in China Super League on the Hima radio program.Wang said the national team now receives a daily subsidy of 1,000 yuan per person for training, up from 400 yuan before the round of 12 and 200 yuan per person in the early days.A month in West Asia is 30,000 yuan, which is precious to many underpaid national players.The team bonus for the National football Team’s victory over Vietnam was 6 million yuan (led by Li Tie). The main and starting players got nearly 200,000 yuan after tax, and the substitute players were 80,000 to 100,000 yuan.Staying in West Asia for three months (90 days), the player can get 90,000 yuan, plus the winning bonus, can get more than 200,000 yuan, more than 200,000 yuan for unpaid national players, is a considerable income.The football association pays so much money to its players, but the men’s team has played so badly, especially losing to Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year. This has also made the football fans very unhappy, and the football association has again proposed the salary limit, of course, for the healthy development of the league, and the fans are also pleased.But for the national football team every day losing, but also in the national football team every day high subsidies, the fans are also dissatisfied, the fans said, one dare to hair, one dare to take!If only the club played better, it would not be so difficult to run. Now it is a vicious circle. The worse it gets, the less people see it, the more money nobody puts in, and the worse it gets!This group of players are retired, there is no hope, tear down to start over maybe a little more hope.There is a fan said, do not send money will not play?Our hard earned money and their spare parts are not as good as, at least to live up to our ability, these high-paying low-energy goods live up to their ability?Take Hao Junmin for example, he asked for salary online, claiming that none of the salary and bonus has been paid, but according to multiple media reports, Wuhan team has paid the full salary, only the bonus has not been paid, the bonus owed to Hao Junmin is about 2 million RMB, to know that Hao Junmin joined Wuhan team, a win several games?The feeling is no more than five games, and so on, the winning prizes of shandong Taishan team and Shanghai Harbour team will be so terrible that the salary must be cut, because the men’s football players have become the representatives of high salary and low ability.Of course, there are also fans who have different opinions. You know how much hardship a football player goes through when he kicks out. Besides, he is one of the top 30 players in the country, so he deserves the money.People’s money is not robbed, is written in the contract, established, do you have to?The author thinks that, the ball well, every day you eat sea cucumber, no problem, take the high salary is no problem, but you like huang jianxiang, lost to Vietnam team blew it is his job, so the football association is necessary to pay for the third time, and 3 million are still a little high, like guangzhou team salary is 600000, so that more appropriate!What do you think about that?Feel free to comment in the comments section!

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