In spring, don’t miss eating it for breakfast. Boil it in a pot, it is soft and delicious, energetic and looks good

Every year in spring, now at the turn of the seasons, the temperature is back to double digits, just experienced the winter, the color is very bad, easy to be weak, must drink more warm food ingredients.As the saying goes: start the day in the morning, breakfast is a very important meal, only supplement rich nutrition, can maintain physical strength, make the body stronger, to meet the new work.Hubei people are particular about breakfast. In addition to hot and dry noodles and bean skins, Wuhan people also like to eat tangyuan and rice wine. Today, WE are going to share a nutritious breakfast that our family loves — blueberry tangyuan rice wine and egg flower sweet soup.Many people can’t cook this blueberry gnocchi rice wine egg drop sweet soup, so share the detailed recipe below.In spring, don’t miss eating it for breakfast. Boil it in a pot, it is soft and delicious, energetic and looks good.Ingredients:A box of blueberry juice, 350 g glutinous rice powder, some red Chinese wolfberry, red medlar granules and clear, the surface without floating dust and impurities, colour and lustre is ruddy, feels particularly dry), a few eggs (eggs depends mainly scattered yellow, look have enclosure if there is any breakage, the fresh egg yolk egg white, egg shell is very rough, shell without damage), whose 100 ml.A few bowls of water, moderate amount of warm water, a little white sugar, a handful of rock sugar, other.Cooking tips: Choose blueberry juice, rice wine and eggs, and master the technique of making tangyuan and the cooking technique of this sweet soup. The difficulty is moderate.Specific steps: The first step: select some ingredients, put glutinous rice flour into a larger container, add 100 ml blueberry juice, add a little sugar and warm water, keep stirring with chopsticks for a while.Step 2: Knead the dough with your hands until the glutinous rice dough is purple and smooth. Keep kneading. Cover with plastic wrap and leave for about 20 minutes.Step 3: Knead the blueberry dough into long strips, then pinch the dough into small pieces, knead them with your hands and place them on a plate.Step 4: Put several large bowls of water into the soup pot, put in the blueberry dumplings to boil, float all dumplings, remove.The fifth step: add appropriate amount of rice wine in the pot, wait for the rice wine to boil completely, knock the eggs into the bowl halfway, add some water starch, and mix the egg.Step 6: Turn the heat to medium, turn the egg around the edge of the wok, finally throw in some red wolfberry, simmer for more than a minute, until the egg is completely cooked.Step 7: add some rock sugar or sugar, pour the soup on the dumplings, dumplings eat waxy ji ji, sweet soup is very sweet, drink stomach more comfortable, especially women don’t miss it for breakfast.Sweet soup with blueberry rice wine and egg flower is a good nutritious breakfast. The sweet soup is warm, warm the body and warm the stomach, giving people a strong sense of satisfaction, adding nutritional value, but also regulate qi and blood, full of energy, and especially rosy face.Have you tried this sweet blueberry rice wine egg drop soup?(All images from the web)

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