On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, remember seven taboos and five things you must do. Remember the traditional customs of thousands of years

I do not know since when, every December to the end of the miss to go home, miss the familiar melody, familiar color, familiar taste, familiar sound, the most important is that familiar holiday, the Spring Festival.As I write this, I am watching that familiar program, the Spring Festival Gala. I am waiting for the hour to appear, waiting for that familiar feeling to reappear.From small to large until now, the happiest of the year is New Year’s Eve to the first day of this period of time, the first day of the morning will get up early, go out to see the streets full of red lanterns and deafening, colorful firecrackers, really is too much taste of the New Year.I didn’t know anything at that time, and I often did something I couldn’t do on this day. I was always scolded by my mother. Now I think I really miss that time.The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. There are many things that must be done and taboo on this day, especially on the first day of the New Year. As a new beginning of the year, we should keep in mind the seven taboo things that we cannot do and the five must-do things on this day.A year’s plan begins in spring, and an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening.The morning of the first day, whether in a year or a day, is irreplaceable, so this day must not sleep in, even if the New Year’s Eve night no matter how late, also want to get up early in the morning on the first day.2, can’t sweep the floor on this day absolutely can’t sweep the floor, even if it is to sweep, also want to sweep into the room.Before the New Year has been cleaned, all kinds of blessings have been brought into the home on the first day, sweeping the floor is easy to sweep out the blessings.3, the girl can not return to the family this custom although some unnatural, but the first day back to the family, the husband must go together, so that the husband will have opinions, the best way is the second day back to the family, so that both sides can take care of.So there is something to the tradition.4, can not say unlucky words this is very easy to understand, New Year’s Day is a festival, a good luck, if you say unlucky words to others on this day, not only for yourself, but also for others.Be sure to smile more on this day and say something auspicious to everyone you meet.Don’t break things don’t break things, this is not a broken peace with.Chinese New Year means reunion and completeness, but if you break something, it means fragmentation.But if it really broke, that is no way, I suggest you use red cloth wrapped, after the fifth day and then dumped, we must pay attention to.6, can not take a bath, can not wash clothes, can not wash the hair this we should understand, this and can not sweep the floor some similar, because this day everyone is full of blessing, if you take a bath, wash your hair, it is easy to wash the blessing, and usually have the first day can not wash clothes customs.7, can not borrow money, more can not collect debt is not only the first day of the day, the Chinese New Year has the custom of giving others red envelopes, but there is no tube of others to borrow money, the custom of debt collection, an initiative to give others a passive acceptance, two kinds of mood but day difference, want to borrow money, debt collection patience for a few days.The first thing to do on the first day of the New Year is to set off firecrackers. The first thing to open the door on the first day of the New Year is to set off firecrackers. This is called opening the door and releasing a good luck and happiness.2, the first day of the New Year in many rural areas have the custom of offering sacrifices to god for blessings, this is not superstition, but their good wishes with blessing way to say, so that their next year more confident to complete their wishes.New Year’s day must go to relatives and friends, New Year’s day has the custom since ancient times, to other people’s home say a little more auspicious words, not only can enhance feelings can also bring happiness to yourself.4, the first day to eat more vegetables vegetables in fo also called zhai, zhai with disaster, eating zhai is to eat the disaster, I wish myself in the New Year in peace, healthy, carefree to protect the family in peace.5, give children some New Year’s money to get up on the first day of the New Year’s money to children, or midnight bell rings to children more appropriate.Pressure years pressure years old, pressure one year old, figure a good color head, after all, the child happy family will be happy.Tips: On the first day of the Year of the Tiger, remember 5 DOS and 7 don ‘ts. Some of these are old traditions, some are recent ones, but no matter what they are, they are good wishes and wishes for the future.Thank you for reading, if this article is helpful to you, please share it with more people, pay attention to me, help me click a like, every day and you explore the true taste of food.Comment discussion add praise, enrich our knowledge, improve our cooking, thank you for your support.

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