The 2nd Global 6G Technology Conference has come to a successful conclusion

In order to promote 6G research and development, foster a global consensus on 6G concept, create a favorable environment for global 6G development, and promote the formation of a global unified 6G standard, the second “Global 6G Technology Conference” hosted by Purple Mountain Lab and Future Mobile Communication Forum successfully concluded on March 24th.Nearly 100 authoritative experts from universities and research institutions, telecom operators and equipment manufacturers from many countries around the world conducted comprehensive exchanges and in-depth discussions on 6G millimeter wave and terahertz technology, 6G vision and technical requirements, 6G wireless coverage expansion technology, 6G full-scene on-demand service key technologies and other topics.A comprehensive display of 6G technology research and development of innovative ideas and the latest achievements.At present, 6G is still in the stage of vision demand research and concept formation, 6G technology direction and program are still being explored, and in the conference gathering global 6G technology research forces, the development of 6G is gradually clear, more and more clear debate.”China is expected to realize 6G commercial use around 2030.”Chinese Academy of Engineering, Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, professor zhang pointed out that before the 4 g mobile communication after is the communication rate, and 5 g for communication and puts forward the requirements of reliability, time delay, future 6 g will expand the communication space, the ground and satellite communications integration, empty sea integration of heaven and earth, communication index than 5 g will be 10-100 times,Centimeter-level high-precision positioning will be realized, towards the full combination of man-machine, physical and spiritual, virtual combination, intelligent emergence of the ubiquitous intelligent network.There are multiple factors driving 6G’s growth.The first is the new demand for new applications and scenarios in the future.The commercialization of 5G arouses people’s imagination and expectation for the next generation mobile network.New services, applications and use cases based on the transformation of productivity and production relations are constantly emerging, and the performance requirements of network data rate, delay, reliability and positioning accuracy may exceed 5G limits.Second, the deep integration of information, communication and big data technologies (ICDT) has driven the multi-dimensional expansion of 6G functions and promoted the overall improvement of network service capabilities and operation efficiency.Computing and storage resources will expand from the center to the edge, and the network will also have endogenous computing capabilities and resource awareness and control capabilities.The acceleration of edge AI and distributed AI forces network design to consider AI deployment and support AI applications.Data has become an essential factor of life and production, so network design needs to consider the application of data security and compliance, data analysis and application, data safe circulation and other technologies.Third, the problems and challenges facing 5G networks.When designing the 6G mobile network architecture, the mature technology and concept of 5G mobile network should be inherited, and the lessons of 5G network in system design, commercial deployment and operation experience should be deeply absorbed.Challenges such as high investment, high power consumption and difficult operation and maintenance of 5G need to be effectively solved in 6G.The continuous development of new services such as 6G intelligent service, immersive service and digital twin service gives rise to typical new business forms such as “meta-universe”, and puts forward higher information processing requirements for network and terminal, driving the upgrade of communication network to perception network, computing power network and intelligent network, and the upgrade of mobile terminal to agent.On the basis of 5G, 6G will further expand from serving people, people and things to supporting the efficient interconnection of intelligent bodies. It will realize the transition from the interconnection of everything to the intelligent interconnection of everything, and become the link between the real physical world and the virtual digital world. It will continue to improve people’s quality of life and promote the transformation and upgrading of social production mode.Through the full spectrum, full coverage, full application and strong security of 6G technology, the future 6G business will present a new development trend of immersion, intelligence and global, forming immersive cloud XR, holographic communication, sensory interconnection, intelligent interaction, communication perception, inclusive intelligence, digital twin, global coverage and other business applications.Ultimately, it will help human society realize the beautiful vision of “intelligent connection of all things and digital twin”.However, as Wu Jiangxing, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, pointed out, as an important support technology for smart connected infrastructure after 2030, the traditional path of pursuing single technical indicators such as coverage, bandwidth and delay is no longer suitable.6G must explore and open up a new paradigm of multi-objective sustainable collaborative development, such as technical performance, cost input, energy consumption, safety and reliability, sustainable and efficient.There is no doubt that 6G development is in a critical period of vision and demand formation, which requires joint efforts of all parties to form synergy.”5G is the foundation of 6G. To promote China’s 5G network and its successful application is the driving force of 6G research. We need to explore the market from the application of 5G, and some technologies can also be used to test 5G in advance.”As the Chinese Academy of Engineering WuHeQuan pointed out that our country attaches great importance to the study of 6 g for granted, but also to realize, because the competition is not in-depth research on the demand of the 6 g, don’t make up my mind to make long-term subversive original technology research, we are anxious to rob to progress with abroad, the market need, this strategic passive instead,We need to remain committed to openness and cooperation without being swayed by the outside world.China mobile will continue to play the role of mainstay industry leading and innovation, with demand for traction, coordination of domestic and international industry upstream and downstream partners, work well versed in theory, technology, standards, product innovation and application of the whole industrial chain link, the stress for a 6 g base, build g ecological advantages, cultivate 6 g industry and application of the open global cooperation,It has made important contributions to build a global unified 6G standard, and then realize the beautiful vision of “6G reshaping the world — digital twin and wisdom in abundance”.

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