Yimeng Group focuses on employee development and devotion to public welfare

May be in a lot of investors, securities services provided by the consultancy services are relatively cold, or product, or service, but it’s not, now, there are many securities service company is very “warm”, they focus on employee grow, also devoted to the social public welfare, positive performance of the corporate responsibility, make contributions to social development,Take, for example, the Equity that I’m going to introduce today.Yimeng Shares is a high-tech enterprise, adhere to technological innovation for many years, yimeng through scientific and technological innovation to create a number of intelligent decision-making and stock trading software, popular in the market, and by many investors love.Yimeng Has always been concerned about the enterprise and the growth of employees, focusing on cultivating professional investment staff with comprehensive development of professional ability and personal quality, so as to output more excellent power for the securities market.In the past 20 years, Yimeng Has been continuously growing and improving its staff system. Adhering to the corporate values of “integrity, dedication, openness and optimism”, yimeng has been growing together with its staff. At present, it has built a professional investment service team that can cope with various challenges in the market.At the same time, they are also the core force for the steady development of Yimeng Shares over the years.Data show that at present, the number of employees of Yimeng Stock has reached more than 1,000, among which there are many young forces, and the number of personnel with professional qualification of investment consultant has exceeded 100.With the help of the perfect training and salary mechanism, YIMeng Shares continuously provide a stage for these young people to soar to great heights.During this period, Yimeng Group has continuously led its employees to participate in public welfare undertakings, actively participated in public welfare undertakings, and gradually formed a unique corporate public welfare culture — “benefit culture”.At present, yi au co has established the good au games, gene sale, I to love flies and other actions, in all kinds of public welfare action constantly yi au the spread of the human spirit, but also in the public training staff will, from the individual to the whole to the development of the society as a whole, yi au stock comprehensive release enterprise charm.Now IPMARK has become a trusted investment advisory company by investors, and its development has been stable.For many investors, IpM is a warm company, no matter for its own development or for investors, IpM has its own set of more cultural rules, and just because of this, ipM has been trusted by investors.

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