Dongguan Hengli: the collective effort to start the rural living environment remediation battle

Wen, figure/Yang cheng evening news media reporters Xiao-ling yu correspondent Wu Wanshan recently, horizontal drain town dongguan agencies enterprises party organizations and on-the-job party members give full play to the party organization fighting forts and cutting edge exemplary role of party members, are sinking into villages (communities) to participate in the activities of “clean city”, the rural residential environment renovation of snap to be completed, help build livable beautiful countryside.”Clean city” event is reported, for the further implementation of provinces and cities of the rural residential environment of system renovation instructions instructions the rural residential environment renovation of spirit and the whole town “for short, strength, quality” crucial action mobilization meeting requirements, horizontal drain, adhere to the party as the leading, enterprise or business unit party organization calls on the whole town organs and the incumbent party members to actively participate in the “double registration” activities,We will work hard to improve the rural living environment.Party member volunteers are involved, though small rain began to fall in the day, but didn’t affect the party member volunteer work enthusiasm, party member volunteers have been holding a broom, iron pliers, cleaning tools such as garbage bags, go deep into the primary and secondary roads within their respective jurisdictions, the back streets, on the road garbage, store of green leaves and other health dead Angle sweeping cleaning of all,The whole village has taken on a new look.Led by party members and volunteers, many villagers and street merchants also participated in the action, taking the initiative to clean up sundry things in front and rear of the house, turning over and dumping water to remove water, responding to and supporting the improvement of rural living environment with practical actions, and jointly maintaining the cleanliness of the village.Since January, horizontal drain town authorities enterprises rapid response, party organizations and members in promoting grassroots governance and service task tree image among social masses explorations and demonstration to lead the whole town up and down continuously strengthen the construction of execution at the end, a total of 36 enterprises party organization and nearly 5000 party members to participate in the rural residential environment renovation work,Enhance the effectiveness of grass-roots governance led by party construction, ensure that the rural living environment can smoothly realize the transformation from “one beautiful place” to “one beautiful place”, “one beautiful moment” to “always beautiful”, and provide a strong organizational guarantee for promoting the rural revitalization work of the town to continue to take the lead of the provinces and cities.Source | yangcheng evening news · Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | Zhang Degang

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