Thunder Sports News: WBG ushered in its seventh victory!The familiar TheShy is back and the commentary is outrageous!

The 2022 LPL Spring Tournament today welcomed WBG vs UP team. The game had WBG 2-0 UP, which was a crushing game on the whole. Our Theshy was still the focus of the whole game, and the classic “Don’t eat” seemed to ring in the ear, even the commentator couldn’t help calling it ridiculous.WBG now stands at 7 wins and 1 losses, second only to LNG without a loss.Theshy male gun it is worth mentioning is the first, is the UP team’s nightmare, early on their own excellent personal played the last advantage of the coating, the WBG had 41 points to export the UP team straight months, there have been several times to set the power of the four people catch shy brother are decreased, even wasted a lot of tricks with summoner skill,Shy was so calm that the whole UP team was affected and finally won the first MVP award to end the game.The second shot was even more outrageous, a reverse keg instruction for the highest damage of the game!ZS’s cask on UP only dealt 4,000 damage, leaving many viewers wondering why the same cask could do so much damage on Shy’s hand.The post-match interviews mentioned shy when elder brother chun peak problems from conversion rate, and refresh the peak is said is normal, is accustomed to the operation of the theshy, he’s such a let a person cannot see through people, many operations you didn’t know but he can type out on the pitch, the net friend said smack of 18 years!WBG is in good shape, and Theshy is back to his peak, so we hope to surprise fans with good results at worlds!

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