It is true that simplicity is supreme and ordinary. The transformation design of a family of three is arranged according to God’s need for light

Site area: 260㎡ Gross area: 140㎡Four buildings two halls of three who god need a kitchen light background of project owner for four wire town of civil servants, after a family has been living in my parents house, as the child was born and grew up, parents cannot meet the demand of family living, so beside bought a neighbor’s old house, the old house pattern is closed, dark,So it was decided to transform it to meet the current living needs.Although the pattern of the original building is not scientific, the structural system can also be used. In order to control the cost, the reconstruction design is required on the basis of the original structure.In addition to meeting the living needs of a family of three, it also needs a studio and gym.The space required a change from the original closed and dark situation, with plenty of light and water elements.On the facade, the old architectural form should be changed to give the building a modern and simple spiritual temperament.Old form and grandiose color of the original building Closed space of the original building dilapidated courtyard design idea Although the original old house pattern is unreasonable, the structural system adopts frame structure, which provides a larger space for transformation.After analysis and calculation, the original indoor stairs were removed and moved to the back terrace, and steel rotating stairs were adopted to make the space more reasonable.To solve the problem of light, a glass skylight was opened in the original staircase (now the dining room) and in the middle of the room, allowing light to pour down from the sky and fill the interior with light.Under the light well in the middle is the waterscape, which gives the whole space an ethereal and dynamic atmosphere.The water level, which God needs, is the main living space, containing the living room, dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen and workshop.The first floor is the living room, dining room and tianshui one color dining room. The second floor is the gym.The design of the second floor plane facade defines the boundary of the entrance with white boxes, making the action of returning home full of a sense of ritual.The main material of the front is wood-colored grille, which does not block the light but also has a strong sense of rhythm and is very decorative.The roof, with its overhanging white grille, defines the boundary of the building, making the form of the building more tension.The whole building has changed the old form and pompous color in the past, and is full of modern times temperament and enterprising spirit.Street View Front View Night view entrance Entrance Entrance Night view entrance Night view local local

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