On the first day of the New Year, beautiful women gather in Xiaocaohe Park in Dengzhou, and children are playing happily…

Today is February 1st, is the national traditional Spring Festival, in the east district of Dengzhou City, the newly opened xiaocaohe park, you can see visitors walking in the quiet small stone pavement, enjoying the beautiful spring day, leisure and quiet picture, for the festive day add a lot of warmth to the picture.Xiaoqiao water in the park, pavilions, jasmine in bud…Visitors at xiaocaohe viewing platform watched the introduction of the park with great interest, marveling at the rapid completion of a landmark park in three months.A few children in the pavilion side smiling against the fence to watch the beautiful scenery, while eating delicious snacks, children also share who New Year’s money, attracted the beauty of the sun beside the smile.Ms. Weng, a resident near xiaoxaohe, is sitting in a wheelchair. Her granddaughter-in-law is pushing the old man slowly with her child, enjoying a happy life with her family.Ms wong said before there is a river of ChouShui garbage don’t say more, the poplar flowering season, one of the following flocculant on both sides of the river willows snow generally rippled, too scared to look, Windows are really did not expect the government to improve our living environment, 3 months is built a water circulation of city parks, I’m really very grateful to the party and the government’s populist policy!Through the field inspection, xiaocaohe park has a number of scenic spots, along the two sides of the river layout: tong Qu Morning light, walk gallery, Qu Yuan Fenghe, Joy sorrow bridge, Morning Kang Tai (pro level Taiwan), brocade flower embankment, qu Shui stay fragrance, cloud water don’t bank, health trails and other scenic lines, is dengzhou citizens and a good place for leisure and entertainment.It is understood that:In order to complete, this project starts smoothly and earthly flower grass river park chau street agency, secretary of the party working Ding Ruyi, rope, director of the white led the office and jurisdiction of meeting all the comrades, to overcome the shortage of funds, demolition task and complex issues, on October 20, 2021 to January 20, 2022, with 3 months of tense time limit for a project,The successful completion of the public support project in Dengzhou has been highly praised and praised by the surrounding residents and tourists of the whole city.(Photo and text by Shen Junwei and Wu Chaofeng)

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