Shangnan: Get through the two-way channel of “clear water and green mountains” and “Gold and silver mountains” to build the most beautiful “ecological tea city” in Qinling Mountains

In recent days, in the Xukun industrial ecological sightseeing tea garden of Houwan Village, Qingyouhe town, Shangnan County, tea farmers are grabbing the good opportunity for spring tea to appear on the market, picking the first batch of “Mingqian tea” this year, timely supply to the market, and promoting the income of tea farmers.Since this year, Shangnan County fully implement the 19th Party Congress of the county to build “ecological tea city” goals and requirements, the tea industry as the county’s first agricultural industry, in accordance with the scale, quality, brand “three promotion”, tourism, health, processing “three extension” development ideas,Laying solid foundation industry development, enhance regional public brand, cultivate leading enterprises, strengthening the innovation of science and technology input, to further improve and optimize the ShangNa tea production, processing, marketing, scientific research, such as system construction, in order to introduce new varieties, improve the quality of the tea, do best tea brand as the gripper, focus on “quality and safety, base promotion, branding, expand the market,” four major projects,Promote the construction of ecological tea garden, extend the industrial chain, improve the yield efficiency of shangnan tea per mu, make the tea industry bigger, stronger and better, concentrate on building the most beautiful “ecological tea city” in Qinling mountains with ecological beauty, thriving industry, strong economy and rich people, and promote the high-quality development of the tea industry in Shangnan.According to the current situation and development potential of tea production in shangnan County, shangnan county adheres to the principle of suitable planting in suitable areas and suitable products, and guides the tea areas to adjust and optimize the industrial layout, focusing on creating “three gardens and one district”.Shangnan County takes the county seat as the center to build the “tea trade market” and transform the “tea culture square”. Relying on the Tianlu Tea theme hotel, it will build new high-efficiency ecological tea gardens in Renjiagou and Guashan areas, layout areas of tea dining, tea bath and tea health cultivation, and create a tea health cultivation demonstration park.Fushui Town and Qingshan Town rely on The Tea Sea Park to build a smart tea garden complex, tea picking experience park and other tea industry integration development demonstration parks.Xianma Town, Qingyouhe Town and Guofenglou Town rely on Xianma Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park, Qingyouhe Town Meili Houwan slow life Tea Travel and health integration demonstration Park and Danjiang Gallery landscape pastoral complex of Guofenglou Town to create modern agriculture demonstration park dominated by tea industry.Zhaochuan Town, Shiliping Town, Xianghe Town and Jinsixia Town rely on Jinsixia national 5A tourist scenic spots, focus on the development of tourism products, do a good job of tourism supporting facilities, and build high mountain high-quality tea production areas.Implement the new mode to expand the tea industry and promote the development of tea industry clusters, establish the “Shangnan Tea Group” which is controlled by the government and participated by tea enterprises and social capital, lead the innovation, integration and large-scale development of the Shangnan tea industry, and form a batch of tea industry clusters with chain main enterprises as the core.Focus on cultivating tea joint venture company, Qinyuanchun Tea Industry Co., Ltd. and other enterprises, and cultivate them into technology-oriented, export-oriented and driven chain main enterprises, and constantly expand modern tea enterprise clusters.Guided by the high-tech agricultural Industrial Park, we support 1 to 2 tea enterprises to implement the development project of the whole tea industry chain every year, research and produce tea derivatives focusing on the intensive processing of multi-functional tea drinks, tea polyphenols, tea food, handicrafts, skin care and health care products, so as to extend the industrial chain and increase the added value of tea.”Our company is building a 500 mu high standard tea garden in west village of Hongmiao village, Xianma Town, and introducing a new variety of ‘golden crown’. The completion of the tea garden will have an annual output value of 10 million yuan, and the local people can also realize an increase in income.”Shangnan County Qinyuanchun Tea Co., LTD. General manager Wang Chao said.Promote new technology to improve the quality of tea, accelerate the propagation and promotion of improved varieties, and promote green technology mode.Longjing 43, Shangnan white tea, golden tea and golden peony are the main high-quality tea varieties. We will speed up the construction of improved tea tree breeding bases, speed up the replacement of old and new tea varieties, improve the coverage rate of improved tea varieties and the proportion of clonal tea gardens, and gradually solve the problems of mixed tea varieties and low quality.Green prevention and control technologies such as biological and physical prevention and control will be promoted, and a number of demonstration tea gardens will be built to integrate unified prevention and control with green prevention and control.Improve the processing level and improve the tea quality traceability system.Scientific layout of tea processing plant construction, strengthen the renovation of primary tea factory and processing environment improvement.We will increase subsidies for purchasing primary processing machinery for tea, improve storage and preservation facilities for tea, and increase the capacity for classifying, classifying, and packaging products for commercialization.We will make solid progress in building a traceability system for tea quality and safety.Build a new system to strengthen tea brands Accelerate the “public brand + enterprise brand” dual brand strategy to build a brand system.Issued the work plan for the integration of public brands in Shangnan Tea region, promoted the integration and management of existing brands, and made efforts to build public brands in advantageous regions.Based on the regional public brand, a batch of excellent enterprise brands are selected to form shangnan tea brand framework system and brand effect.Standardize brand management and strengthen industry self-discipline.Formulate unified management measures for the use of public brands in Shangnan Tea region, clarify brand operation mode, brand use requirements, reward and punishment measures, etc.Give full play to the role of tea industry associations, guide large-scale tea enterprises and tea farmers to establish equity, dividend, contractual interest linkage mechanism.Explore new channels to integrate beauty and tea, tell good tea culture stories, and do a good job in tea promotion and display.Dig and sort out shangnan tea culture, tell shangnan tea story well, and create shangnan tea element cultural symbol.We will support tea enterprises to carry out promotion and exhibition inside and outside the county, and continue to carry out activities such as “tea evaluation” and “tea fighting” to enhance the popularity and reputation of Shangnan tea.Focusing on the goal of building a “health and culture slow city” in Shangnan, we will deeply explore the health and culture elements of tea culture, such as tea bath, tea cuisine, tea cultivation and tea art, and construct health and culture resorts in Fushui, Xiama, Jinsixia and other towns.Combined with the construction of modern characteristic agriculture demonstration area, the tea industry and leisure culture tourism, science research and other industries should be deeply integrated, and The Fushui area should be built into the tea industry and three-industry integration demonstration park, the Chengguan area into the tea health and cultivation demonstration park, and the Xianma area into the tea leading modern agriculture demonstration park.Carry out new mechanisms to do a good job of supporting tea, strengthen scientific and technological personnel support, cultivate the endogenous power of industrial development.The platform for cooperation between enterprises and universities, scientific research institutes and technology promotion units is set up to form an industrial development mechanism integrating government, production, learning, research and application, cultivate a group of leading talents, technical teams and entrepreneurs in the tea industry, and improve production technology and management level.Strengthen the cultivation and selection of high-quality talents such as “tea master” and “tea making craftsman” at the county level.County primary and secondary schools and senior vocational schools to set up tea major, training outstanding young talents.We will implement preferential policies to support them.To increase financial support, the county will set aside 20 million yuan as the tea industry development fund every year, and coordinate all aspects of the fund is not less than 30 million yuan, focusing on supporting ecological tea garden, processing capacity, scientific and technological talents and other aspects.Encourage all kinds of investors to explore and establish funds to support the development of Shangnan tea industry in a market-oriented way, and encourage banking financial institutions to increase credit support.”Shangnan will further give play to the resource advantage of tea, according to the working train of thought of ‘three ascension extension, by the foundation, the strong brand, market, promote fusion, to create the national tea brigade fusion modern agriculture industrial park, the city of ecological tea, famous for its construction area, the real green hills and water level of good looks, into jinshan yinshan good value.”Shangnan County tea industry development center director Zhu Ximin said.[If you have news clues, welcome to report to us. 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