Three aerial historical harem novels, heroine, writing online, classic good-looking not greasy!

Small make up as a senior old fan is committed to all kinds of high quality for clubs, recommendation, let you can read more wonderful novel content, after selecting the novel become easier, and you can also get more reference content here, let you can easily read later, are you looking for high quality the good helper of the novel, if interested in me updated content remember attention and recommendation!Today xiaobian to recommend to you: three airborne historical harem novels, female protagonist, writing online, classic good-looking not greasy!The first: “ruyi small husband gentleman” author: Rong Xiaorong introduction: three aerial history kind harem novel, female advocate much, writing style online, classic good-looking not greasy!21st century double master, soul wear ancient.No ring, no system, no old man with white beard, no memory of the world…Thief, how am I supposed to play when I don’t even know who I am?Hungry and depressed, Downing could not help himself.In order to reassure them, She comforted them by saying: “Don’t worry, most of the questions have been answered, and it should be no problem to pass the first session.”Tang Yao Yao relieved, zhong Yi and Su such as spirit is also obviously excited.”Didn’t you tell me…”Tang Yao Yao sat down opposite him and took a candied fruit to eat from fang Xiao Pang’s hand. Fang Xiao Pang immediately ran away with his hands covered.Tang Yao Yao looked at him, curious asked: “what is the feeling of the imperial examination, the topic is difficult?”Downing said casually, “All right…””They say it’s hard…”Tang Yao Yao wanted to say: “it is said that the topic is a lot of, the average person write all write not over, this year unexpectedly someone answered all the questions, how can there be such a monster…”He had never underestimated the students in ancient times. In terms of diligence and effort, any one of the students who took part in the state examinations would still be several streets ahead of those who were later gifted in famous universities.Such people are particularly likely to produce excellent students.Qing er trotted in from the outside, hurriedly said: “uncle, young lady, gongyuan put out the list……”Tang Yao Yao immediately stood up: “go and have a look!”Zhong Yi and Su such as also follow in the side, see the results, they will feel at ease.The gate of the palace was already surrounded by people, and before they could get close to the palace, they saw a dark mass of figures, surrounded by the wall of the palace, their necks raised high.”I’m on the list, I’m on the list!”(click below to read for free) the second: “the son is very fierce” author: Guan Guan Childe introduction: the world such as chess, people such as son.The intrigues of the temple, the love and hatred of the river’s lake, the joys and sorrows of the city are nothing more than the little flames of the chess pieces, interwoven in series on the chessboard.Zhaohong years, the street is full of fan Wang peeping in wait on that piece of dragon chair, the emperor called the various fan wang shizi into Beijing to study.Guide into the pit: the bamboo sea was green and white, ten thousand cang bamboo forest stands on the snow surface, heavy snow pressure bent bamboo trunk, like full string strength bow half down to the ground.The snow is falling heavily and the bamboo forest is dense, so the light on the ground between the bamboo sea is dim. Wearing the bamboo coir raincoat, Ning Qingye is standing quietly among the thick bamboo leaves with two bamboos in her embroidered shoes, with a black cloth covering her face, holding her breath and holding her breath, even trying to cover up the white fog of her breathing.At the end of the field of vision, several figures moved from far to near. Ning Qingye narrowed her eyes slightly and shook her frozen right hand slightly. The long sword hidden among the bamboo leaves made a slight rustling sound.The last time we infiltrated the Dragon Pavilion, our main purpose was to retrieve this sword.The name of the sword is’ wound spring ‘, which is the sword used by her mother when she was walking in the river’s lake.More than ten years ago, her mother, like the common quack, traveled around the world to make friends with heroes.I do not know when her mother came to The city of Chang ‘an. She wanted to go to a small shop that sold the strongest wine in the world. As a result, on the way, she met a scholar squatting at the entrance of an alley selling Chinese characters.Later……Scholar imperial examination repeatedly failed, her niang caused trouble, I do not know how to get, two people together in rivers and rivers, became fugitives…Ning Qingye knew only these things, and had not heard of the rest. She had seen the nominal father several times, and had quarreled with her mother every time.(Click below to read for free) the third book: romantic concubines author: Mountain dozen tiger forehead introduction: this is an ordinary teenager, accidentally get bright brain, once returned to the great Ming Zhengde years, become a bastard son of gentry family.Employment is wife, rush to be concubine, old daddy is to give birth to him with niang to elope unexpectedly, birth mother identity is humble, serve as concubine, Xie Chunqiu oath wants to live a wonderful life.Into the pit guide: Zhao Gao busy is toward the street a look, then see the door there, leaf spring and Autumn as expected with a few guys standing there, oh, opposite that shop top unexpectedly also new hung a board, but the board is blocked with red silk, as expected is a new store open ah.Zhao gao voice can not help but want to smile, new store, it is really a new store, but the shop is opposite of me, this shop to be too small to the appearance of the small, but is 20 square meter square, the small workshop, the past just sell some groceries, also is but a man selling groceries, such a small store, what can turn up the waves.Sun, along with his neurotic nephew, is getting worse and worse.Zhao Gao smiled and said, “Well, congratulations, haha…”Laugh a few, outside firecrackers rang, all the guests have come out, zhou master book in the crowd, also stood at the door of the new store.Zhao Gao hurried to the door of the new store and shouted, “It’s a good time.”Many of the staff were busy, many were ready to say congratulations, while others were ready to remove the doors to welcome the guests into the new shop.At this time, opposite the door of the small shop, but see Ye Chunqiu way: “Auspicious time arrived, open auspicious.”This voice is not small, the opposite of the guests are heard clearly, they have a little reaction can not come over, how the bo Rentang new store opening, opposite that tongji hall people also want to open a new store?(Click below to read for free) Pay attention to don’t get lost, there are more wonderful content waiting for you in the future, is your side of the novel recommended helper!Past wonderful content: can help you solve the book shortage of three fantasy text, a look is a whole night, New Year’s day to see the most appropriate!Three invincible flow novel recommendation, plot and character shaping almost perfect, like to collect quickly!Net world new three peak god, mortal creator, fairy peak, fantastic brilliant!

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