Ximihua and Xiang Huaqiang jointly opened a gambling hall, and the finance director ran away with 2 billion yuan. What happened?

Introduction: Macao gambling industry has exploded twice “big thunder”, two big thunder’s initiator: one is the “century king” Huangshan, another is the “female king” Mimi sister.In 2015, “Mimi Sister”, the chief financial officer of VIP lounge, ran away with 2 billion yuan, which shocked Hong Kong and Macao. The incident occurred in the VIP Lounge of Wynn Casino in Macau, which is also known as the “multi-gold case”.”Much gold case” can be serious, “much gold” VIP will have two partners, one is “small gambling king” Washing mi Hua, one is “Hong Kong circle tycoon” Xiang Hua Qiang.Smart as wash rice hua, business has never lost, such as Xiang Huaqiang, on the river’s lake rarely miss, but this time coincidentally planted in a woman’s hand.”Multi-gold case” was released, “Mimi Sister” slapped her bottom and ran away, and Mihua threw her hands all over the place, which had nothing to do with me. Xiang Huaqiang was in a rush, then sold LAN Kwai Fong Hotel and withdrew from Macao in a mess. It took several years to recover.This issue together uncover the “gold case” behind the scenes.First, Xiang Huaqiang has long wanted to enter Macao and share a share of the daily gambling industry.However, Xiang huaqiang’s journey to Macao is not as easy as imagined.His first hurdle will be Stanley Ho, the Asian king of gambling. Macao is His home turf and only the likes of Henry Fok and Cheng Yu-tung are allowed to share a table with Stanley Ho.If you want to enter, what if you can’t buy a ticket?Xiang Huaqiang brain a turn, came to a “curve ashore”.It is said that Stanley Ho’s “fatalistic enemy” Yip Han was bent on interfering with Stanley Ho’s situation. In the late 1980s, Yip Han’s “Oriental Princess” gambling launched a boat and stole a lot of business from Stanley Ho. In the 1990s, When Yip Han retired, Xiang brothers rushed to take over the “Oriental Princess” and entered the international sea gambling market.As gambling became more and more popular, Stanley Ho felt troubled, so he made a “deal” with the Xiang brothers: You stop gambling boats to rob my business, I will give you an opening in Macao, let you ashore.In return, Mr Ho handed over to the Xiang brothers the VIP lounge of the Jinyu Hotel in the new port to operate the business, which they used as props for the “God of Gamblers” films.After Stanley Ho this, Xiang Huaqiang will have to go through the collapse of the foal.At that time the collapse of the tooth colt is Macao street bearer, who want to establish a foothold in the gambling industry, want to bypass the collapse of the tooth colt, no way.Collapse foal heard to the brothers to shore in Macao, the first trouble, two parties you come and I go, burst a number of battles.In 1995, xiang Hua keung, Xiang Hua Sheng and Pang Nga Kui all had a close call in macau Street between Hong Kong SAN Yi on and Macau at 14K.Under the shock of white blade, xiang shi brothers just stopped.Jinyu gambling hall is about to open, Xiang Huaqiang flares a head again.All know that Xiang Huaqiang is the “enemy” of the collapse of the foal, jianghu deterrent in the collapse of the foal’s prestige, no one dare to cast to the brothers under the general work.In a word, to offend a broken foal is to cut off one’s life in Macau.The brothers were soliciting people everywhere, but very few applied.Helpless at the occasion, a self-reported valiant woman, let Xiang Huaqiang eyes a bright.Woman named Zhou Yumei, short hair suit small leather shoes, although not how long, but it is a shrewd and capable role.She was a small but ambitious gambler, known as “Mimi Sister,” who knew all the ins and outs of gambling.The arrival of “Mimi sister” is like a timely help, so xiang Huaqiang is very grateful, the two people face to face and talk very happy, Xiang Huaqiang patted his chest and said: do with me, will not mistreat you!To too Chen LAN to “Mimi sister” is also quite like, because “Mimi sister” plain, “Mimi sister” in xiangHuaqiang side, to too can put one hundred heart, do not worry about the husband to eat “Mimi sister” nest edge grass.To too with “Mimi sister” is also very hit it off, often go shopping together to eat, the relationship is as good as boudoir.Time is long, “Mimi elder sister” also became to shi henchman, at hand gambling hall account room, operation full powers give “Mimi elder sister”, and Xiang Huaqiang couple puts idea in film and investment above.After many years of changing rivers and lakes, the upstart Ximihua emerged, and cooperated with Huaqiang ximihua.Two, the collapse of the tooth colu in 98 years in prison, Macao street took on a new look, here a young man called Wash mihua shine on stage, 03 years gambling open, gambling industry changed the world, wash mihua alongside the noble after the rise of the wire, become a new generation of “small gambling king”.Get tepid xiang Huaqiang in gambling industry, had to take the initiative to wash rice China close, two people partnership made VIP hall.There is a VIP hall named “Duojin” in the underground casino of Wynn Hotel of Macau new port, and it is widely rumored that xiang Huaqiang is the big BOSS behind the scenes.To too Chen LAN often to “more gold” greeting guests, every time by “more gold” butler “Mimi sister” company around.Hall staff saw to too, will bow bow to shout “good boss”.”Duojin” is officially held by others, but in fact it is a VIP hall leased by Xiang Huaqiang from Wynn. It has three halls and 39 gambling tables, and the revenue is split 6040% with Wynn.”Rich” people in general, the business is not good, so Charles heung find washing m China cooperation, because wash the rice to China is the most popular hot Macao street “king”, wash rice China men have the most overlapping codes, and a steady stream of deep-pocketed rich guest, “gold” business want to to the next level, is the only way to wash m China.So Xiang Huaqiang and Ximihua sat on a table, “gold sun city VIP” emerged at the historic moment, Xiang Huaqiang is looking forward to Ximihua’s helping hand, how much real money can bring for themselves.”Amy, I have introduced Mr James Chau, a strategic investor, to Dormand. There is no need to introduce Him. If you need help, you can contact him directly.Is it ok to double next month?”Xiang Huaqiang said earnestly.”Mimi elder sister” looking to the boss about to say but stop, “don’t live up to me and too to your trust.Waiting for your good news!”To Huaqiang put on a windbreaker to leave in a hurry.”Are you confident that we will double our sales next month?!””Come on, you’re the best!””Mimi elder sister” call together all staff, opened a pledge division general meeting, tired get half dead, return the villa of east wang Yang mountain, “Mimi elder sister” however careless morpheus, the Macao dim light of a cigarette looks out of the window is in a daze.”Bring in strategic investors?Another penny?””Mimi sister” only gave the night a wry smile.For “Mimi sister” who has been rolling in Macau for many years, the way big bosses play is familiar.Looking for a relationship with a VIP room, the dish had just when the shopkeeper of cutting, set up solely to “” Mimi sister care, in fact the daily operating funds also on” Mimi sister “to solve all, a month’s firm to receive dividends, watching hao gong casino increasingly prosperous, the boss couples eager to improve the proportion of share out bonus, but” more gold “hall continue are a little difficult.The original “much gold” operating funds, a considerable part is “Mimi sister” with “high interest savings” in the name of “fund-raising”.”Mimi sister” said to the outside, the money saved in “duojin”, a million monthly income of 20,000, attracted a lot of stacked code son, white-collar, small and medium-sized bosses to save, coupled with the halo effect of the boss to Huaqiang, almost everyone felt that the money in “duojin” is safe.Only “Mimi sister” the most clear, “gold” of the real situation, only to constantly pull in new investors, in order to let the capital chain constantly dropped.Under the singing and dancing, the crisis has been everywhere, Washing mihua’s high transfer into the bureau, to the boss to the performance goals, so that “Mimi sister” pressure, suddenly gave birth to the idea of “can’t play”.”Mimi sister” put out the cigarette butt, late at night back in the “gold” office.The next morning, the employees of “Duojin” went to work and found that everything was out of order.Account room is all over the place, the warehouse cash and account is not left, who can not contact “Mimi sister”, security in the monitoring to check “Mimi sister” last night several in and out of the account room.There is no doubt that “Mimi Sister” took off with more than $2 billion, according to rough estimates.”Mimi sister” run the news spread quickly in the circle, the original deposit money in many depositors, have rushed to the door for explanation.In “much gold” can not find the person in charge, people found Ximihua’s office.”I am a small shareholder, looking for me useless, you should look for a big boss!”Others refused to leave and were “presented” by a group of strong men.Then people tried to contact the boss, but the boss was not in Macao, so the victim had to pull up a banner to “condemn” and ask the boss to stand up to “be responsible”. At the same time, they launched a lawsuit and fought a lawsuit with the boss.”Mimi elder sister” roll money to run away, 2 billion capital disappears without a foundation, to boss is in Hong Kong also be nasty get round and round, stop the job of mainland at once, the thing that one’s mind handles Macao.”Amy, Amy, I trust you so much!”To the boss in front of the “Mimi sister” run away from the newspaper tea.”What’s the hurry, what’s the fear?Cheer up, I’ll take care of it!”The side to the boss to eat a reassuring.On rumours that Charles heung is “gold” behind the big boss, “rumours” publicly to the too in an interview, “I am often go to play two more gold, and staff inside to see the words of the boss I not flattery, it is well known that the boss is to attract people’s pleasantries, I go to each gambling hall of people calling me boss, according to that not every gambling hall is my industry?”Try to leave to the home with “much gold hall” of the relationship.Furthermore, the holder of “much gold” is not Xiang Huaqiang, and a group of people can only eat coptis coptis dumb. Some teachers say that they save money because Xiang Huaqiang is their idol. Now I think it is really stupid.Unable to find Huaqiang, some people plan to pursue wynn for joint liability, because Duojin and Wynn are split 60-40. Although this happened in Duojin, it has an inseparable relationship with Wynn. In a word, Wynn cannot only make money but not bear responsibility.A bunch of people took Wynn to court, but only one person was paid.The victims of “Mimi sister” run away, many people due to the influence of the river’s lake or face issues to give up the pursuit, there are some people give up, published data shows that there are more than 60 victims in this event lost 630 million, from millions to tens of millions.Xiang’s reputation was greatly damaged by the “Multi-fund case”. Two years later, Xiang sold his LAN Kwai Fong hotel to businessman Chen Mingjin, and subsequently sold off his assets in Macao and retired from Haojiang.However, the operation of the VIP lounge “much gold” has not been affected, but business as usual is not very good.After the incident, “Mimi Sister” reportedly returned to Hong Kong before buying a plane ticket to France.Epilogueat the end of November last year, Ximihua was arrested in Macao, wearing a headgear was SIR stuffed into the car appearance, no longer former scenery.That time, Charles heung is a warm place to walk the dog to take granddaughter, don’t know Charles heung what do washing m China news see will feel, will be remembered with washing rice goes into VIP rooms, wash out crossing a m China become warped hangs, high himself as “gold” around the mess, “boy, you also have today!””Mimi elder sister” have no message again however, who also do not know this legend “female thousand king” body is in he fang.

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