College entrance examination 400 points how to do?Can choose these double first-class specialized college, obtain employment prospect is very good still

This article is original, copyright belongs to the author, welcome to share.College entrance examination 400 points how to do?These colleges are known as “state-owned enterprises” back garden, it is worth considering in the selection of college, we should use what kind of a standard to choose a good university and major in your heart?The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance jointly announced the list of construction units of the high-level vocational schools and professional development plan with Chinese characteristics.We simply understand that it is to build high-level colleges and universities and high-level professional groups. It draws on the evaluation criteria of “double First-class”, which means having first-class universities and first-class disciplines. In fact, compared with junior colleges, it is easier to choose undergraduate colleges and universities.After all, we have the first-class evaluation standards of 985 and 211. We may well make some judgments, but at the level of the junior college, we must learn from the schools and professional groups in the double high school plan.What is double high school?It is commonly known in higher vocational colleges as double first-class is his school and his major are very good these colleges, is the double first-class vocational colleges in our specialty.The author will give you an introduction of these 56 colleges and universities, which are also divided into ABC three files.In the first batch, 197 schools entered the double high school plan, among which 56 are high level construction schools. He also divided three blocks, 40 in grade A, 20 in grade B, and 26 in GRADE 3C.There are A total of 141 high level schools, and they are divided into three categories, with 26 in Grade A and 59 in Grade B and 56 in Grade C.In this list you will find not only the name of the school, but also tell you which majors are their strong points.In fact, these major directions are mainly distributed in modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, modern service industry, strategic emerging industries and so on. That is to say, we require some scarce talents to open positions.If you study in these schools in the direction of his comparative advantage, you really do not have to worry about your employment, and the future development of these schools is particularly worth looking forward to, because the country will have a large amount of funding.The Ministry of Education will also allocate 2 billion yuan to these 50 schools every year, which will also improve the teaching force, teaching resources and academic research of these schools.Which schools are in grade A of the double high schools?Let’s talk about his school and major in Grade A and GRADE B. Let’s take A look at grade A in the double high school. He has ten schools.The first Beijing Vocational College of Electronic Science and technology, its automobile manufacturing and assembly technology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, tianjin Vocational University eye optical technology packaging engineering technology.Modern Agricultural technology and Garden technology of Jiangsu Vocational and Technical College of Agriculture and Forestry.Wuxi Vocational and Technical College of his NUMERICAL control technology, Internet of things application technology.Elite vocational and technical college of mechanical manufacturing and automation, preschool education.Mechanical manufacturing and automation, intelligent control technology.Marketing and cloud computing technology and application of Shandong Vocational College of Commerce.Water conservancy and hydropower, construction engineering, surveying and mapping, geographic information technology.Shenzhen Polytechnic, his communication technology, electronic information engineering technology.Mechanical manufacturing and automation, material forming and control technology of Shaanxi Industrial Vocational and Technical College.This is our double high school in the A type of colleges and universities and their major, these schools do you feel very familiar with?There is no mistake, these schools are a lot of, he is 211 in our vocational colleges, the school in one hundred national demonstration vocational colleges, if you fill in the college is the national demonstration vocational colleges, these colleges and majors are worth everyone to choose.Of course its admission mark is still not low, we are aimed at his a college entrance examination mark and his a mark do a contrast, you go to choose these schools can.Which colleges are in grade B of the double high schools?Beijing Industrial vocational and technical Institute of mechatronics technology, engineering measurement technology.Nursing and Pharmacy of Tianjin Medical College.His black metallurgy technology, electrical automation technology.It is the road bridge engineering technology, automobile application and maintenance technology.Changzhou Institute of Information Technology software technology, information security and management.Jiangsu Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Vocational College of his animal husbandry and veterinary, food management.Nanjing Institute of Information Technology, his communication technology, electronic product quality testing.Hangzhou Vocational and Technical College of his elevator engineering technology, clothing design and technology.Ningbo Vocational College it applied chemical technology, mold design and manufacturing.Zhejiang Vocational College of Finance its financial management, international economic practice.Rizhao Vocational and Technical College of his aquaculture technology, construction engineering technology.Zibo Vocational College his electrical automation technology, new energy vehicle technology.Modern funeral technology management, elderly service and management of Changsha Civil Vocational and Technical College.Fine chemical technology and product art design of Guangdong Polytechnic of Light Industry.Art design and jewelry technology and management of Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic.Software technology and mobile communication technology of Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology.Furniture design and manufacture, intelligence and air conditioning technology of Shunde Vocational and Technical College.If you are interested in this school, you can focus on it.Especially its furniture design and manufacturing major, which has a national team of teachers, can be counted among all the schools in the country.However, it is a pity that he does not recruit students in most provinces of China. If this major is admitted in your province, your score can reach its admission score. This major can be your first choice, and its employment and entrepreneurial development are very good.His mold design and manufacturing, automobile testing and maintenance technology.Internet of Things Application Technology, Information security and management of Chongqing Vocational College of Electronic Engineering.Yangling Vocational and Technical College of his agricultural biotechnology and hydraulic engineering.Which school should the examinee of more than 400 points fill in specifically?We still want to make a comprehensive judgment according to your own future self positioning, as well as your present score.Take Jilin Province as an example, take two schools of A file simply to see A situation of their admission score rank.Let’s take a look at Tianjin Vocational University first. Its geographical location in Tianjin is still good. One of its advantages is eye optical technology, as well as packaging engineering technology.In Jilin Province admission rank is still not too high, you are combining a rank of your province to judge a risk of their own, there is also when you choose a major, you should not only see the lowest admission points of colleges and universities, you also see the highest score of this major lowest points and his average points.In this way, you can better guarantee that you will be admitted to the university of your choice of major.Let’s look at Yellow River Water Conservancy Vocational And Technical College. In fact, in 2003, the school was assigned to Henan Province by the Ministry of Water Resources for joint construction, so it has a background of the Ministry of Water Resources. Its advantages are water conservancy and hydropower, construction engineering, surveying and mapping, and geographic information technology.You can see that the admission score of Jilin Province is also acceptable. If you go to this school, employment may not be so difficult, but you should know that kaifeng in Henan province is the region you want to go to. We have to think about this, why do you want to combine your future development?Because you read this kind of technical compare strong, you may undertake a pair of obtain employment, and general such school can be united in wedlock with a few local enterprises very closely, this also is a direction that the country encourages.If you want to stay in Henan Kaifeng to work, are you willing or not?I would suggest you to consider the universities in your province first. If you don’t have a particular city you like, if you must go to the city, your province is also combined with local enterprises. Your future work, including your future development, may be more advantageous for you.To sum up, the first thing to know about these double high plans, which are in our province has the enrollment plan.Second, know what road you want to go and what kind of major you want to learn.The third region is very important to you. Fourth, you should fully combine your position. Fifth, it is best to combine the admission data of three years to see whether you can be admitted.You can pay attention to me, I am Rong teacher view education, through all kinds of small programs in my personal home page, free of charge to the college entrance examination and postgraduate entrance examination institutions to fill in, through big data, large sections of the provincial enrollment numbers, plans and scores for a detailed understanding, welcome to leave a comment.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to rong teacher view education

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