From April 1, the minimum wage in these two regions will rise, and workers and retirees will enjoy six benefits

In 2022, in addition to Henan Province, which will raise the minimum wage from January 1, two other places will issue adjustment requirements. From April 1, fujian Province will adjust the minimum wage from grade 1 to grade 4 to rmb2030, RMB1,960, RMB1,810 and RMB1,660 respectively, with an average of RMB1,865, an increase of 14.59% and an average annual increase of 6.24%.Chongqing will implement a two-tier system, which will be adjusted to 2,100 yuan and 2,000 yuan respectively, an increase of 300 yuan from the original standard of 1,800 yuan and 1,700 yuan.The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of Hebei Province also announced that it will adjust the minimum wage in 2022. Although the specific standard has not been announced, the evaluation and calculation work is under way, and it is only a matter of time before the increase.What are the benefits of a minimum wage increase for workers, retirees and other groups?I think these six benefits are predictable:First, the worker living standards guaranteed by rising prices, economic development, the influence of the minimum wage will follow up to ensure that staff income to cover price level, national minimum wage is adjusted once every one to three years, now is the government announced that the adjustment of the policy, our country “labor law” article 48 regulation,The wages paid by the employing unit to labourers shall not be lower than the local minimum wage standards.Under the supervision of the policy, employees can seek legal help if the company fails to raise the minimum wage in accordance with this standard.As wages rise, the living standards of low-income people will also be guaranteed.Second, unemployment insurance will rise in the minimum wage and unemployment insurance are linked, minimum wages have risen, the more the higher the level of unemployment insurance compensation, such as chongqing, unemployed insurance gold is set according to 80% of the minimum wage, among them, wuxi, chengkou county, YouYang County, pengshui county four national rural revitalization focus on helping county,Unemployment insurance compensation standard according to the city’s minimum wage of the most high-grade 90% calculation, according to 90% calculation, unemployment insurance this year will reach 1890 yuan very 1800 yuan, compared with the original level, theoretically the two levels will increase 270 yuan respectively.Stay-at-home workers who lost their jobs will also receive more money after April 1.Third, retiree pensions 18 rose hope big “social insurance law” article 18 made clear, the pension will be adjusted according to the rise in prices and wages, and the minimum wage increases, no retirement money to more people, that this time, on the basis of the rise in prices, will need to balance the income of workers and retirees, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data shows,Last year, consumer prices rose 10 times in a row from March to December, and retirees’ pensions need to follow suit to ensure they have enough money to cover the price level.Fourth, the national consumer sentiment will rise higher and higher people’s income level, the purse drum, consumer sentiment will be more high, rising economy is driven by consumer, will form a virtuous cycle, increased spending power, industry revenue will follow improve, enterprises earn rich mistreated employees, also won’t increase the salary and bonus income, promoting economic development cityIt is highly likely that wages will continue to rise.Wage and pension increases boost spending power and the economy, signaling that wage and pension increases are more likely next year.Since last year, 20 provinces have announced increases in minimum wages, and this year, henan, Chongqing, Fujian and Hebei have announced such measures, so provinces that have not raised wages may not want to disappoint their citizens, and will also announce adjustment plans.Sixth, the government burden reduced earnings increase people’s incomes with living expenses, self-sufficient, will reduce the pressure of government subsidies difficult people, fiscal revenue will have more money on construction of city, with the increase of common people hand money, willing to improve the quality of life by increasing consumption, companies make more money, government tax revenues will increase at the same time.

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