Look at the strength of chevy explorer from three big things

The three pieces include the engine, gearbox and chassis, which are also the three key parts of a car.Let’s start with the Seeker’s engine.According to the book data, the explorer’s two engines: 1.5T engine power 180 (5600rpm), torque 275 nm (2000-4000rpm) measured acceleration 8.9s.2.0T engine power 260rpm (5500rpm), torque 353 NM (2000-5300rpm) measured acceleration 7.18s.These two engines are very mature models of GENERAL Motors, which are widely carried in various models under gm. So far, there have been no quality problems, which can be said to be mature and stable and fuel consumption control is very good.In terms of transmission, the 1.5T model matches the 6AT, and the 2.0T model matches the 9AT.The 6AT currently used by The Explorer is the third generation 6AT product of GENERAL Motors.Compared with the previous two generations, the shift smoothness and shift logic have a great leap.The overall performance of this 9AT can be said to be very eye-catching, and it can be said to completely surpass the 9AT of ZF in terms of fuel consumption and shift smoothness.It can be said that the world is currently a good 9AT.Gm’s 9AT also has a unique tooth ratio advantage in dealing with domestic road conditions.Tighter gear ratio, more care for the use of low and medium speed range, more consideration of the domestic speed limit of 120.And AT transmission itself is mature and durable, more reliable use.It can withstand more torque than the CVT gearbox, and is much better than the dual clutch for comfort and durability.In terms of chassis, the chassis structure of The Explorer uses the former McPherson rear multi-link suspension, and the front suspension part of the Explorer uses the sub-frame of the full frame, which has advantages in safety and support compared with the non-full frame.Moreover, the front suspension connection of the explorer is still hydraulic bushing, which is still rubber bushing for most models of this level. Obviously, hydraulic bushing is better in reliability and durability.Generally speaking, there is no need to worry about the three major parts of the explorer, which is also the core advantage of the explorer.

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