189 days!Chen Meng finally got together with her cousin Huang Xiaoming

Chen Had waited 189 days for this day.On Feb 3, Chen meng posted a photo of herself and her cousin Huang Xiaoming on social media, and wished everyone a happy New Year again.After Chen Meng won the Olympic gold medal, Huang Xiaoming specially promised to prepare a welcome dish for Chen Meng.But unfortunately, both of them are busy with their work and haven’t seen each other.On the third day of the New Year, the Cousins finally met.”On the third day of the Chinese New Year, I wish you all a happy life with my cousin Huang Xiaoming,” Chen said, Posting a group photo.In the photo, Chen Meng and Huang Xiaoming are compared to scissorhands.Recently divorced huang Xiaoming seems to be in good spirits.Huang xiaoming immediately retweeted the post, saying: “I wish you all good luck with my cousin.”Chen’s post has sparked heated discussion online.”Finally meet”, “Sister Meng has been waiting for a long time to have dinner”, “Brother Xiaoming cooks dinner for sister Meng”….Back on July 9, 2021, Chen Meng beat Sun Yingsha in the women’s singles final.Huang xiaoming posted a photo of him watching the match live on his mobile phone, writing: “Chen Meng’s cousin is preparing the dinner at home.”Later, some netizens mocked Huang xiaoming for rubbing his cousin’s heat.Huang xiaoming also joked: “AFTER all, I’m the one who got ahead.”By August, Mr. Huang said in an interview that after Mr. Chen’s gold medal, his phone was busy with so many people congratulating him that he felt truly proud.As for preparing dishes for Chen, Huang xiaoming said he would use the cooking he learned on variety shows and give Chen the best tea from his own collection.Anyway, Chen meng finally got together with Huang Xiaoming, but I don’t know if Huang Xiaoming actually cooked for her cousin.

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