Bride price and female morality

Bride price is a tradition.There is no doubt about that.In ancient feudal society, betrothal gifts and women’s morality coexisted.The Way of women is also called the way of women.Refers to the ancient rules of daughter-in-law, the traditional meaning refers to chastity, filial piety, humble, diligent.Mencius defined women’s morality as the duty and obligation of a wife, but the feudal society further extended it into three obedience and four virtues, which became the code of conduct for women, which was also the concentrated reflection of the ancient Confucian thoughts on the social status of women in terms of ethics and morality.With the development of productive forces and the development of ancient society from matriarchal society to patriarchal society, bride price became a symbol of shame.Such as hateful three and four virtues, such as marriage into a business relationship, just like rich people buy and sell horses and mules.This is the essence of the ancient bride price.The essence of betrothal price is based on quality. The higher the betrothal price is, the more expensive it is. In fact, the bride is regarded as a commodity.A married woman spills water.There is no doubt about that.Men and women are now equal.If ask for bride price again or ask for high price, it is very without dignity behavior, oneself belittle oneself, oneself be commodity.Traditional culture is complementary and indispensable.Bride price is inseparable from female morality, and there are three wives and four concubines, which are also based on the loss of dignity.Otherwise, the poorer the more the bride price, the poorer the more the more, the more the less dignity, the less respect, the more away from the more.

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