China and Russia have signed a 10-year co-operation deal that will see Chinese companies receive 100m tonnes of oil in defiance of US sanctions warnings

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games has officially opened, which is not only a sports event, but also attracted heads of state and political leaders of various countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin also took the opportunity to visit China, which has brought china-Russia relations to a new level.At present, the US-Russia relations are increasingly tense, if China provides support to Russia, the US blockade will be broken, so the US does not hesitate to threaten Chinese enterprises with sanctions this time.China and Russia agreed to “strengthen their strategic partnership in energy” and “expand cooperation in new energy” during a recent offline meeting between the two heads of state, reported on February 4.At the same time, CNPC also signed a 10-year cooperation agreement with Rosneft, which promised to provide 100 million tons of oil exports to China within 10 years.The move followed threats against China, with State Department spokeswoman Price warning that Chinese companies would also face “penalties” if they helped Russia ease U.S. sanctions.Mr Price’s message was not to allow further economic and trade co-operation between China and Russia because it would allow Russia to ease sanctions and regain its “frisky” status on the international stage.In addition, Price warned Putin that Russia should know that even strong Chinese support cannot compensate for the “devastating” sanctions imposed on Russia for its aggression in Ukraine.Therefore, according to Price’s statement, there are two main reasons for the United States to oppose the signing of a large oil deal between China and Russia, both of which are not in the interests of the United States and make the White House “anxious.”On the one hand, Mr Putin “recover” Crimean since 2014, the us and Europe to Russia implemented a number of tough sanctions, it does give Russia caused great trouble, at least let Mr Putin’s declared “give me twenty years, still you a powerful Russia” vision completely dashed, Russia now is “strong and not rich, but is a” large “,Otherwise, we would have been punished long ago.But this is not the way, Russia needs new blood, to help themselves “strong”, especially in the economy strong, and Russia can give blood transfusion, in fact, only China.The U.S. is worried that China’s transfusion of blood to Russia will ease sanctions on Russia, and that if Putin “relaxes,” he will escape from the “Five Elements mountain” of the U.S. like Monkey Sun who has lifted his seal, and “wreak havoc in Heaven.”On the other hand, the United States is worried that China’s strengthening of economic and trade cooperation with Russia, especially in such a “large” and “long-term” way of cooperation with Russia, will make Putin “fearless” of the “threat of sanctions” issued by the United States and become tougher on the Russia-Ukraine issue.To stop Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, and to get Putin to watch Ukraine join NATO, the United States has announced crippling sanctions against Russia.Now that China has offered Russia an olive branch of 100 million tons of oil over 10 years, and has not ruled out deepening cooperation in other areas, will Russia still be worried about “devastating” economic sanctions from the United States?If there were, I’m afraid it would be greatly reduced. Putin has a big leverage over China.Therefore, the US threatened China not to try to “save” Russia, and Chinese enterprises not to cooperate with Russian enterprises, otherwise even Chinese enterprises will be “a pot of pot”, but some netizens pointed out that the US is “bluffing”, which has no effect on deterring China and Russia.As Foreign Minister Wang Yi once pointed out, When China and Russia are “side by side, back to back”, “hegemonism cannot win” and “international justice cannot fall”. Therefore, China-Russia cooperation is a force for peace and serves the interests of the whole world.

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