Crystal elder brother LPL two road speak wildly, 5 words evaluation professional players, the other side can not refute

With the launch of THE LPL Spring season, tigress official blog has made a major announcement, officially announcing the acquisition of LPL exclusive rights for the next five years, which means that no third party platform other than Tigress will be able to live the new season of LPL games unless the rights are distributed.And after getting the exclusive copyright of LPL, for tiger’s two way commentary is also a good news, at the beginning of the season this period of time in the e-sports circle has a “just son” title of crystal brother is often and posture, Letme and others even mai, together commentary LPL wonderful games.Due to the two road compared to LPL official restrictions are much less, so crystal brother tiger tooth two road commentary is also able to enjoy and ridicule players.Not long ago, in the commentary of JDG vs LGD game, Crystal brother, as a second road anchor known for his “tough mouth”, once again confidently made fun of LGD players playing planes, saying, “The hero of the plane is very simple, I can play it on board!”And support the crystal brother in the second way so confident put words, the key reason is that he thinks the plane as long as the hero figure out the principle of passive charge bag is not how difficult.After all, the plane only said that the operation and gameplay are really not too difficult, and anyone who comes to play is silent development in the early stage and good at passive Poke and R big move in the later stage.Besides, crystal brother said this sentence can be said to be very confident, after all, he was LPL top a group of first-line professional players, with his accumulated experience to play the plane hero may really have no big gap.Therefore potion elder brother this wave of wild words, even LGD in the single player also powerless to refute.What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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