Maguire’s continuing slump and Cristiano Ronaldo’s longest goal drought for 13 years left United in a spell of invincibles

Manchester United missed another chance to snatch points as Southampton drew 1-1 at old Trafford in the 25th round of the Premier League on Sunday night.On another level, Rangnick’s team struggled during the weak season in January and February.Middlesbrough were knocked out of the FA Cup 1-1 on penalties and held to a 1-1 draw at bottom side Burnley before being held to a 1-1 draw at bottom half Southampton.Ahead of that, there was a 2-2 win at Aston Villa, with United stuck in a cycle of being weak when they were weak.And united’s inability to attack and the players’ continued poor performances have left fans wondering about the team’s future.It is understood that a number of players in the dressing room do not believe that Rangnick is suitable to continue as manager next season, he is more of a consultant or director, the players prefer pochettino in charge of the team.Cristiano Ronaldo, who started the match but failed to score, struggled throughout the match, marking his longest scoring drought in 13 years at six games.You can say that it is normal for Ronaldo to lose form as he ages, but united’s tactical system and the support his team-mates give him is painfully low.As for Maguire’s poor, fans are also obvious, sliding, bad defensive habits.Manchester United had two offside goals disallowed, but maguire also escaped the red dot.In addition to Maguire’s own decline, the coach also has some problems with his positioning and arrangement.At the moment, United are struggling in central midfield, with McTominay and Fred unable to hold up the Reds’ midfield, while Pogba and fee are midfield players who need someone to stand behind them to eat the ball.The problem, then, is that Maguire needs more up-and-down pressure to help the midfielders get more up-and-down in the middle.This is not what Maguire is good at, the slow turn is his biggest weakness, once beaten, teammates behind him to play more.Solskjaer’s game against Nuno hotspur just before the break was one of his few moments of reflection.He changed his usual 4-2-3-1 to play three centre-backs and got good results.It’s worth considering that Maguire needs a full-back to support him, lindelof being a good choice, and Varane being the all-purpose centre-back that makes the defence look less stretched.However, rangnick’s system of pressure from the top did not change the formation or tactics, more like a continuation of solskjaer.Over time, without the support of results, players tired and dissatisfied with more and more.It can be seen that Sancho is getting better and better, but McTominay cannot reach kanter’s level of coverage when pogba and Fee are on the pitch at the same time, and maguire’s weakness is amplified by a vicious cycle.After the match, opposition coach Hasenhuettel also said that United did a poor job of retreating after losing possession and we can look for a breakthrough from here.It is no secret that the unique nature of some of the players in united’s squad has made it difficult for some of them to make a comeback.Fans have also suggested that if real change is to be made, the team needs to bring in a top-class defensive midfielder like Rice rather than spend a lot of money on the attacking line.I also believe that the coaching team is not stupid. Maguire’s constant choice of centre-back only shows that other centre-backs are in worse condition than maguire. Therefore, it is a problem that the coaching team should consider whether to change the formation or to introduce.Otherwise, Manchester United will be out of the champions League and out of the champions League.

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