The fate of the two women’s volleyball team has been different, Gong Xiangyu is still the domestic ceiling, Wang Mengjie has 3 competitors

As the Chinese women’s volleyball team training camp has come to an end, a new phase of Chinese women’s volleyball team training name list a forthcoming, outside the debate training list is never stops, but there are two former Olympic star is met with a lot of criticism, continuing degeneration 2 people’s strength, but the author thinks that, this two people was domestic each place the ceiling level of player.The two men is Gong Xiangyu and Wang Mengjie Gong Xiangyu in recent years has been controversial, of the things that are already well known, Gong Xiangyu is regarded as the weakest link in the Chinese women’s volleyball team, and, after has superior is someone shouted out has to give up constantly Gong Xiangyu slogan, but Gong Xiangyu really so weak?Will CAI Bin really give up Gong Xiangyu?In fact, it is obviously impossible. Just now, the author has mentioned that Gong Xiangyu is the ceiling of receiving in China. Although many people do not believe in Gong Xiangyu again and again, is there really a better receiving than Gong Xiangyu in the whole Chinese volleyball world?Perhaps some people will be unconvinced, that Chen Peiyan, Chen Boya and other people are better than Gong Xiangyu, but is this the truth?Chen Peiyan, although she scored a good performance in last season, can attack is really particularly strong?Obviously not, in addition to the score, Chen Peiyan’s attack success rate, blocking, serve are not excellent, and gong Xiangyu has an obvious gap, how to surpass Gong Xiangyu?As for Chen Boya, when she was selected for the Chinese women’s volleyball training team, some people shouted that she was better than Gong Xiangyu, but the result?Not only did Chen Boya not get into the national team, but she couldn’t get into the Tianjin Women’s Volleyball team. How could she be better than Gong Xiangyu?So how could CAI Bin give up Gong Xiangyu?As for Wang Mengjie, if before last season, said more than once, the writer Wang Mengjie belongs to domestic free ceiling level of player, after all Wang Mengjie in previous seasons, are high on the top list of best free, even the people of rub, ni and others, particularly with Wang Mengjie has great difference, even on the international stage,Wang Mengjie’s performance is not particularly eye-catching, but this is only the international arena, in China, Wang Mengjie still belongs to the existence of a single, but all of this in the last season is an abrupt end, Wang Mengjie now although there is a good strength, but has not been the ceiling level.Last season, when the super Wang Mengjie in rows did not start at the beginning of the play, play game, after the Wang Mengjie data is so-so, and play can be general, super game is in the bottom of free men who have produced many outstanding last season, particularly like Wang Weiyi, ni, Xu Jianan, unlike Wang Mengjie them in terms of the data is bad,Even stronger Wang Mengjie out a head, it is easy to make Wang Mengjie under attack, but if Wang Mengjie will be has to give up easily, I’m afraid not reality, after all Wang Weiyi, ni is special, Xu Jianan don’t have the experience of the world series, the experience of international events are few and far between, also has a short time is difficult to give up Wang Mengjie.In the past, Gong Xiangyu and Wang Mengjie are the existence of the domestic ceiling, but now the fate of the two people is really different, Gong Xiangyu is still the level of the ceiling in active service in China, but Wang Mengjie has declined, there are 3 competitors who are a great threat, it is a sigh.The fate of the two women’s volleyball players has been different. Gong Xiangyu is still the ceiling in China, and Wang Mengjie has three competitors. I am Xiao Lai talking about sports, focusing on sharing the interesting news of sports, welcome readers to comment, forward and participate in the discussion of matches!

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