Those great adventures: Kids are natural adventurers and need to know great stories

If a child is not adventurous, then he has no chance to learn about the world.After breaking through their own boundaries and perceptions again and again, they learn to eat, walk and talk, and try to leave the embrace of their loved ones to establish their influence in a community that was once unfamiliar to them.’One’s growth is itself a kind of adventure.The Adventures that Matter is an adventure book for children that Chronicles the stories of 33 explorers, following in the footsteps of Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, Zheng He and others as they explore the adventures scattered throughout history.Everyone has a different definition of adventure. Some people define adventure as anything that goes beyond the normal routine. Some people consider adventure as doing things that others are afraid to do.British explorer James Cook believed that the point of exploration was to push beyond the limits of convention. He said, “Do once what others say you cannot do, and you will never again care about the limits they place on you.”With challenge after challenge, I can reach new heights and ascend to the humulama in my heart.Ernest Shackleton, another British explorer, said: “I believe it is in our nature to explore the unknown.The real failure is not to explore at all.”Everyone has used this instinct to its fullest extent as a child, until a satisfactory limit has been reached before he begins to put on the shackles of habit and stand still in the face of the unknown.There are always some explorers who deserve to be remembered by all of humanity, and their stories are great.There were travelers, merchants, pilots, navigators, soldiers, naturalists, scientists…Adventure is often associated with adventure, which means being prepared to face unexpected situations and dangers once you embark on an unknown journey.Arguably the most dangerous places for exploration were the North and South Poles, which are still dangerous places for humans today, with numerous glaciers and active volcanoes.In 1903, polar explorer Roald Amundsen traversed the labyrinth of Arctic islands and in 1912 reached the Most desolate South Pole on earth.Although there was no guarantee that such an experienced man could handle the perils of polar exploration, Roald was lost on the glacier during a rescue mission in 1928.In addition to polar exploration, flying around the world is a risky way to explore.American aviator Willy Post not only became obsessed with circumnavigation, but also invented the pressurized flight suit and is known for his successful circumnavigation.During one flight in 1935, the use of a plane assembled from old airplane parts caused the plane to crash on takeoff.Interesting Stories No matter how dangerous the journey may be, there is always an adventurer who returns home with a great deal of fun.Alexander von Humboldt, a German scientist, and Aime Bomplan, a French botanist, went on a scientific expedition to the New World in 1799.Together they crossed mountains and jungles, kayaked on tropical rivers, and studied geology, mineralogy, flora and fauna, astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, history, economics and sociology on their 10,000-kilometre journey.Among the great stories of exploration, it’s not just the men who made the mark.Egypt’s second female pharaoh, Hatshepsu, once sent a fleet to explore the Area.The events of this expedition are recorded in stone inscriptions in the temple of Darbahari.The expedition brought back not only valuable living plants and animals, but also frankincense and medicinal trees.Zheng He’s expedition is included in the book, which comments on the voyage: “China’s shipbuilding was more than 1,000 years ahead of the world.China was the first to use rudders instead of OARS for steering, and pioneered the use of multiple masts and waterproof bulkheads.All of these inventions, along with some maps of China, were eventually taken to the fire by the Europeans.Without these inventions, it is highly likely that the age of great geographic discovery would not have begun.Even in this day and age, adventure is still a luxury.Most people only have the opportunity to take their children on a family trip in between life and work.Most of the adventures kids can do are in homes, schools and parks.Still, we need to remind our children of the great characters and stories of exploration, and let them know that there is an alternative to reality.And for a person, only in the heart of the light of the dream is not extinguished, in the dark night will not be confused and lost.Brave want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to straw mat words cool life

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