How do we media make money?100% for reference!

Every time I brush Douyin, I can’t help but want to watch some videos on agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Although there is no gorgeous scenery or exquisite editing, it just feels grounded, relaxed and healed.Fat sister (Chen said food), Mai Xiaodeng, Kang zai farmers, wench, these three farmers bloggers are chasing every day, should friends are not strange to them.Today, I would like to share with you some ways of making money from the media of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. How do they make money?Luo listed a few of our more interested in the question, three farmers short video money?Is it too late to make short video of sannong now?How can short video of 3 farmers be filmed?Do short video of 3 farmers how should cash?First of all, it is certain that short videos on agriculture, rural areas and farmers can not only make money, but also make a lot of money.Platform policy support, the flow of works in the field of agriculture, rural areas will be recommended higher than other types of works, flow need not worry, need to pay attention to your work.Sannong represents an attitude towards life and a pursuit of poetry and distance. The charm of sannong works can be summarized as follows: First, it is aimed at far-away wanderers, who work outside their homes and arouse their thoughts by seeing such content;The second one is for the city workers, rural life leisurely and comfortable, can relieve the pressure.Douban has a life documentary film “Four Springs”, which records the story of going back home every Spring Festival.There is no sooner or later to do “we media”, the core is the content, as long as your content has feelings, can move people, even from now on, it will not be too late, there will be some people watch.A reporter asked Li Qi, she is how to plan the shooting of the work, she said the countryside can shoot material is very much, do not need to worry about.This article is simple to talk with you, how to shoot?The first thing you need to think about is, what kind of people are there, what kind of relationship are they in, what kind of emotions are they trying to convey?1. The background of the characters is similar in most of the videos. For example, tired of city life, they decide to quit and go back to the countryside to start a business, open a b&B, or get rich with the people in their hometown, or go back to their parents and grandpa to better accompany them, so they go back to their hometown.At present, the positioning of the three agricultural products are similar.If you really don’t know what to shoot, you can start by positioning yourself like this.2, character setting can set a person, single youth, middle-aged, good at food hot mom, country wear blogger.You can also set up two people, including brothers, sisters, husband and wife, mother and son, father and daughter, and children and grandchildren.Early characters do not have too many, or the relationship between the characters is not good.3, the story of the three rural works of the repetition rate is very high, but even if the theme is repeated, you also have to shoot, to shoot users familiar with the scene, so as to arouse resonance.1, rural customs, marriage, marriage, spring planting and autumn harvest.2, house transformation, rural housing transformation is very popular, strategy costs, etc..Conflicts, such as the conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the conflict between the sisters-in-law, there is a conflict to watch.Sannong video is not tall to the requirement of content, a pixel high-definition a bit of mobile phone can be done completely.Some Sannong bloggers have a perfect product manufacturing chain, which can directly generate income for their live broadcast with goods. In addition, there are also the following income: 1. Advertising revenue Sharing of advertising flow on the platform.This income not only accounted for a larger proportion, and more stable.At present, all short video platforms have less advertising revenue than toutiao/watermelon video. If the number of fans is more than one million, the data of published works will be stable, and the advertising income is also considerable.2. There are a lot of products that bloggers can buy, such as some agricultural and sideline products, fruits, household furnishings, clothing and so on. This income is quite large.Of course, some bloggers work directly with some bases, which is also a good approach.

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