Huang Zitao admitted that he and Xu Yiyang were just hanging out because everyone else was hanging out

Huang Zitao’s relationship with Xu Yiyang has become a hot topic as the boss and employee of the same company. On February 13, Huang Zitao publicly responded in the live broadcast.Huang zitao said that he and Xu Yiyang’s game account is a relationship, just want to play, because other people have the game, he also did not use the device, this reason is too funny, but the more unreasonable huang Zitao is more reasonable.Huang Zitao took a picture of himself and Xu Yiyang as his profile picture. Huang Zitao explained that the picture was taken by Xu’s friend because he didn’t have a good picture, so he used it and showed it to everyone during the live broadcast.Huang Zitao said he and Xu Yiyang are actually quite grievance, said he was hurt Xu Yiyang.It seems that this matter has affected Xu Yiyang, so Huang Zitao will come out to clarify it.Some netizens joked that Maybe Huang Zitao has a crush on Xu Yiyang and hasn’t caught him yet, but now the netizens have revealed it, which is so funny. Before that, they used to get high on the show. It would be great if they were really together.However, Huang zitao would never be afraid to admit it if he was in a real relationship. He said that he and Xu’s fans often quarrel over their relationship, and he would never let them know that they are secretly happy in order to avoid this phenomenon.

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