Look at the spring one by one in the peach blossom place

Ahead in the spring, in the place of the peach blossom in full bloom the poem/condensation cold often floor, for no reason at all to cheer over to look at only the distant mountains, wind and rain, and the sunset on heavy dipper and can’t guide the north but can point to the tang dynasty, nod, and how many Wells are buried deep in a towering rage, such as women chastity present in great interest to stand when a woman statue would forgive all her fault,And regret beauty is a legend of the ages even into a tomb, but also distant love Qiantang, the desert, each other’s grass mutually confirmed missed kapok snow season migratory birds end here, also take off here the last mountain is not Hengshan, is not hengshan North Pole, just because the vast ocean dry horse grottoes,Snow embrace blue pass no one can explain xiren, Xisoil and the ancient Xiguo Da Yu here, can not change the Huaihe River there is always someone who can be quiet peach blossom let her in a sunset, think of Kuafu Fuguang Mountain, miss Luyi history always peace steamed bread as the rest soil let the oats on this land even remote peach blossom all the way south,To become everyone’s hometown Da Xidi in the last snow can not get out of the beauty in the legend of the symbol of ice

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