Network spread “Hengshui Taocheng middle school teachers molested students,” police notice

On February 21, Hebei Hengshui City Public Security Bureau Taocheng branch official weibo released about hengshui Taocheng Middle school teacher Xu is suspected of molesting others.Previously reported: recently, a net friend claiming to be a student of Taocheng Middle School in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, posted a long article on the Internet that Taocheng Middle School has a number of violations, including illegal organization of examinations, public examination rankings, teachers corporal punishment students and other problems, and said that he has been suspended from school due to depression.In response, the Taocheng District Education Bureau in Hengshui city said on Monday that the Taocheng District Committee and government have set up a joint investigation team in Taocheng Middle School to carry out a comprehensive investigation.Verification by Shu Jun and Chen Jian source by Wechat public platform of Procuratorial Daily Justice Network

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