Officer xuan!The Chinese team, including Chen Meng and Liu Shiwen, will qualify for the Grand Slam tournament

Recently, the international table tennis federation announced the next race, according to the message that will be conducted in Singapore in March, the first of WTT grand slam, which means the ping team will have a good preparation for the next, after all this time the game is not just big bonus, as well as integral can take, this to want to take the integral increase the ranking of the players is also a good time,And from the previous announcement of the qualification list, most of the Chinese table tennis players are shortlisted, some foreign masters are also in the list, then this tournament will be quite fierce!The WTT Grand Slam of Table tennis is also highly valued by the INTERNATIONAL Table Tennis Federation, which is also a historic start of the transformation of the international Table Tennis Federation in the future. In addition, the total prize money of this tournament is as high as us $2 million, which is really a rich reward. Besides, there are also high scores to get, which is really a lot of temptations.From the list view, the main Chinese table tennis star basically accord with qualification, Malone, Xu Xin, liu shiwen, Wang Man yu, Sun Yingsha, FanZhenDong, Wang Chuqin, ambitious, Lin Chen Meng etc are all in the list, although the final list was announced, but not surprising if should participate in several main force, after all, the macau racing dragon, Xu Xin, liu shiwen back,Which means it’s back to normal.Needless to say, Wang Manyu, Sun Yingsha and Fan Zhendong are also the popular figures of the China Table Tennis Team recently. Since the Olympic Games, they have repeatedly created great achievements, especially Wang Manyu won many individual gold MEDALS, which is quite tough.In addition, China Ping team Xiang Peng, Xu Yingbin Gu Yuting, Qian Tianyi, Wang Yidi and other players are also in the list, but after the Olympic Games, many veterans retired, so they should not appear in the international competition.Of course, in addition to our table tennis players, the Japanese team ITO Mei Cheng, Ishikawa Kajun, Zhang Benzhi and the German veteran Boer, Francesca and other foreign players are also in the list, so this grand Slam tournament must be quite fierce, then maybe you can see Sasha against ITO!However, this competition is not a list of players can participate, because this time there is a quota limit, so the specific players to participate in the unknown, anyway, xiaobian hope that the Country table tennis team will go ahead, looking forward to the country table tennis team to achieve more achievements!

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