“Spring Festival I am on duty” careless parents New Year’s call lost children police help successfully back

On February 4th, a seven-year-old child went to visit relatives for New Year’s eve, but did not come home.Xinshao County Public Security Bureau Longxi Pu police station police received help after looking for help, after more than an hour of continuous search, finally in longxi Pu town street to the source of the village along the road to find the child.With the help of the police, the child returned safely to his family and the family was reunited.On the fourth day of the first lunar month, we are busy visiting relatives and friends, Longxi Pu police station police received the area of the people luo alarm, said their children accidentally lost when walking relatives.After receiving the police, the auxiliary police on duty rushed to the scene to understand the situation.It is understood that a parent in Zhongyuanpu village, Longxipu town, took his child Xiaoyu (7 years old) to visit relatives during the New Year, xiaoyu alone to find friends to play.Careless parents went on New Year’s visits to nearby relatives with no one else to watch their children.But when they come back, they look for their children, but they don’t know where to go.Everyone looks for not fruit everywhere, feeling is urgent under, busy alarm appeals.Police through a variety of ways, launched town cadres, a village auxiliary police and the masses together to find.Relatives’ houses, schoolmates’ houses and other places they might have visited were all searched in vain.Finally people auxiliary police in longxi town street to the source of the village along the road will find the child.The original small yu play tired, looking for a long time did not see his father, thought his father went home, he was a person along the road to go home.

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