Weather forecast: Qingming today, cloudy, windy and rainy, ancient saying: qingming rare fine

Today qingming, for everyone is also a holiday.Many people who go to work, still leisurely to enjoy the happiness brought by the holiday.However, this festival for us farmers uncle, not suitable for farming, only suitable for sitting in the white kang to stay for a while.But farming time does not give us the opportunity, we do not have too much time to rest, so, wind and sun, even if it is windy outside, also want to do farm work.But there are unexpected wind and rain, every qingming Festival, the weather changes are not the same.Again, not a good day!Take our northeast and southeast regions for example, the weather today is cloudy with showers.From 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., gales of force 5 to 7, gusts up to force 9!This kind of weather is also true and rare in northeast China. Today, many farmers’ steel frame greenhouses were blown up by the strong wind. Not only the plastic sheets were broken, but also the greenhouses were bent!At night, after sowing the seeds of the greenhouse to buckle the shed, there is also a layer of plastic, to prevent frostbite seedlings and so on…Now is the busy season of spring, encountered such weather is no one!But this kind of weather, all come from, tomb-sweeping day!Because, the ancients have an old saying, qingming rare sunny!Every year on tomb-sweeping Day, it will not be a good weather, almost 95% of the rainy weather, either cloudy or rainy, or is blowing strong snow!The author also had to admire the wisdom of the ancients, to make the Tomb-sweeping Day clearly, is also a strange……Will it be fine after Tomb-sweeping Day?I don’t think so. In order to verify the weather tomorrow, I also took a look at the weather forecast.According to the weather forecast, jixi tomorrow weather temperature plummet, down more than eight degrees!That is to say, there will be a significant drop in temperature tomorrow!In the process of cooling, there will be strong winds, but this kind of wind, generally not as big as qingming Festival!But the forecast shows that the wind can reach level 5-6, so, we farmers uncle should also pay attention to prevention, or to steel frame greenhouse, to avoid falling objects mainly……However, over the next two days, temperatures will gradually rise and, as they do, a mixture of warm and cold air is likely to produce cloudy and rainy weather.Consecutive rainy days are also highly likely!But the weather is changeable, cloudy and rainy or sunny, still have to be god’s arrangement, and the weather forecast itself is just a forecast, not a real report!And the forecast refers to: assume the direction of rain, and wind direction, etc., plus the local air dry humidity, so as to guess the weather change, and most of the weather forecast is good, and a few weather forecast is not accurate!The fourth season of the High Quality Creative Competition of Agriculture, Rural areas and Farmers

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