Weifang University carried out a training exercise on the emergency response to the outbreak in the spring semester of 2022

Qilu network · Lightning News February 18 – According to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control in Weifang, Shandong Province, on February 17, Weifang University organized a training exercise on the emergency response to the outbreak in the spring semester of 2022.During the process of returning to school in nandaemun, the main campus of the school, the staff found that student A’s health code was red. According to the prevention and control procedures, the school doctor instructed him to take a temporary view, take his temperature, check the nucleic acid test results within 48 hours, and inquire about his travel history.Contact the ambulance and transfer the red-code students to the local centralized isolation point for isolation and observation.After the students enter the school, the disinfection personnel shall conduct ventilation and disinfection on the entrance channel and temporary points.At the same time, the school also simulated the disposal exercise of students who tested positive for nucleic acid after returning to school.Nucleic acid testing personnel feedback that the school doctor “if the nucleic acid test of the student is positive, the student should be treated immediately according to the regulations”.The staff immediately reported the situation to the school leadership, Weifang High-tech Zone epidemic prevention and control headquarters, Weifang Education Bureau, Shandong Education Department by phone.The observation referral group cooperated with CDC staff to transfer the close contact and sub-close contact personnel to the isolation point of the high-tech Zone for centralized isolation. Finally, the personnel were eliminated to disinfect the risk control area.The site also carried out disposal drills for risk group and regional control, personnel registration and assistance in flow adjustment, personnel transfer and terminal disinfection.Lightning news reporter Li Tao correspondent Xu Anna weifang report

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