APP Excavator | Tesla or Push car APP store, Android, IOS tremble

According to overseas media reports, Tesla may be developing an App Store similar to Apple’s App Store, which would allow electric car owners to download and install apps, just like on a mobile phone, regardless of the model, in the hope of building tesla’s hardware and software ecosystem.In particular, when tesla upgraded its in-car interface to the latest V11 in December, a customizable icon bar appeared at the bottom of the touch-screen, which many speculated was a preparation for the development of an app store.Tesla investor Thayer recently brought the issue to the forefront when he retweeted a video of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs introducing apple’s App Store. Thayer also posted the following message:”There are rumors that something similar will soon appear on something with four wheels that begin with a T.”The tweet was quickly retweeted by Teslascope, a Tesla-focused vertical media outlet: “The rumor has spread.Tesla has been developing its own app store since around May 2021 and will officially launch it ahead of Cybertruck delivery.We expect tesla to share this during its earnings call.You know, Musk did reveal that 2022 is going to be the year of software for Tesla.”The term “year of software” was coined during Tesla’s fourth-quarter 2021 earnings call, when a triumphant Musk said: “FSD will create the largest value increase in Tesla’s history.””With the rapid development of FSD, software-based profits will eventually become a strong supplement to profits from selling hardware.I think it’s the software part of tesla’s business that really needs to be focused on.”Tesla’s chief financial officer, Kirk Horn, said so, which shows how profitable software can be.Especially since Musk has made it clear that there will be no new models in 2022.After all, Cybertrcuk, Roadster 2, Semitruck, Tesla Bot…Tesla already owes more than enough models, and musk’s biggest need in 2022 is to make people really believe what he said in the past: “Tesla is as much a hardware company as it is a software company.”In the vision of musk, if automatic driving to work in the future one day will be successful landing, the driver and passengers must need to find some entertainment and work function in order to pass the time, although some automakers have been built into the android car app store or apple Carplay, can through the two systems of some software to download or access,However, the smoothness of the vehicle-machine system and the suitability of the software have been criticized by everyone.Tesla long ago ruled out IOS and Android in its cars, so could Musk have been planning an app store since then?

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