“Camellia” Spring Festival couplets

See the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming, the streets at any time can smell the spray fragrance of the year, everywhere permeated with the rich atmosphere of the year.The Spring Festival is essential to every door to stick couplets, couplets can always push the year to the extreme.When I was a child, there were few literate people in our village. My third and fourth grandfathers were middle school teachers. They wrote calligraphy well and often helped people to write Spring Festival couplets and personal records.At that time, when four grandpa wrote Spring Festival couplets, I always like to follow beside, watching him spread out the red paper, with a bowl as an inkstone.He dipped his brush into the bowl, dipped it in the full ink, rubbed it around the edge of the bowl, and began to write beautiful words on the red paper, saying something silently, and his face beaming with happiness.That scene IS still fresh in my mind. The smile on grandpa’s face is deeply engraved in my young mind.My father also likes to write, every Spring Festival to write their own Spring Festival couplets, writing Spring Festival couplets has gradually become a habit in our family.Every time I write Spring Festival couplets, the mood is very wonderful: we took out the four treasures of the study, generally ask my father to write first, and then we each write a pair.Our Spring Festival couplets all contain our own names, some contain the names of all sisters, maybe the parts of speech don’t match, maybe the tones don’t rhyme, but it’s really interesting to add our own name.We are very interested in writing Spring Festival couplets this matter, he picked up a pen to write crooked Spring Festival couplets, and then stirred the batter, the Spring Festival couplets posted on the door, the children read while finding their name, happy dancing, the picture is very warm.In retrospect, when I was a child, I had only a vague understanding of the meaning of “couplets” and just wanted to have a good feeling.Now I no matter where the New Year, will insist on their own writing Spring Festival couplets, every time when I pick up the brush in hand, the eyes will appear four grandpa and father to write Spring Festival couplets, four grandpa’s happy smile on the face, always can inspire me to practice writing.From the countryside to the city, from the weak to the strong, I gradually understand the essentials and beauty of those joint words, the more I understand the more loving, it makes my state of mind sublimated.From the first time standing on tiptoe to see four grandpa writing couplets, to help his father research ink, and then to the first time to write their own couplets, its environment, artistic conception, understanding is not on the same level, it seems that the field of vision gradually deeper, farther, wider, wider.Time is too fast, the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming, I have prepared the four treasures of the study, looking forward to New Year’s Eve, the whole family to write Spring Festival couplets.National Times statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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