Midnight music

My heart has been very heavy these days, and my heart has become more and more depressed as my extended family members leave one after another.Today, the last of the 38 people who went home for Spring Festival this year have returned to their lives.Always can not discharge the depressed in the mind, so put on headphones, midnight walk in the city.Most of the time, music is a distant scenery, half-hidden.When you take the night train, alone to an unknown place, side at the moment no friends far away no temptation, strange crowd will you surrounded into islands;Day gradually dark down, stars like a beacon lamp mysteriously and quietly lit in the palace.This time suddenly have music in your ear rings, like water through the lonely mountain fog over the empty fields, you see some fuzzy and familiar warm from the bottom of the heart, think that this is something called “past”, they are like clouds around, uncertainty is ubiquitous, make you can’t escape don’t want to escape.Then you close your eyes and suddenly see a forest path, moon-dappled and leaves falling noiselessly. You see a man coming towards you from some dark place, silent and friendly. As you pass him, you suddenly see your life — how easily you find yourself in this lonely night of music!You can’t remember how much music you’ve listened to in your life.As if in, “two springs” month cold dejection, “Butterfly butterfly feather drift zero,” think of spring “the woman black hair tie up, plain hand luo skirt, a flute” Yang Guan “, blow who tears fall profusion?And the most unforgettable is in some lonely evening, turning out some already yellowing letters, the writing should be light, between the narrow words, you still hear the footsteps of the past quietly beating the years.At that time, the wind was blowing in a very distant place, and the rain was hanging curtains for you to cover your mind. There was no snow, so there was no need for a small stove made of red clay. Even if there were new fermented grains of wine, who would be there to get drunk?No mood, you conveniently put in a disc, you want to have any sound, better than this face four walls no one can tell the cold.The music began low and clear, groups of simple notes bouncing back and forth, the bass warm, the middle lingering, the treble urgent;The night is getting quieter, the sound of rain outside is becoming clearer, and you can hear the sigh of some wind slowly rising in the whisper of the rain, oh, you are in tears at that moment.

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